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  1. So I just upgraded from the 1.14 beta to the official version and noticed, that there are still issues that were not fixed. The polling rate still fluctuates and isn't stable (it happens in 125,250,500, and 1000hz). There is also an issue where setting the LOD to a specific setting doesn't apply / save it. The last problem is the wavy diagonals, which was already mentioned by someone and still not fixed. With all these problems you guys seem to be having with every mouse release and its firmware, I suggest you ditch LaView and get a better manufacturer for your mice.
  2. I went back to my DA2013 because the Xornet II is unusable when it comes to tracking. Current problems with the Xornet II: -unstable polling rates -tracking issues -LOD bug
  3. I already send a message to Pim, hopefully I get to test the new firmware. I managed to test all the previous firmware's and they all have tracking issues, now lets just hope the new version fixes the tracking issues.