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  1. The Masters Apprentice..... Trying to find a studio or backdrop to take some proper photos.........
  2. Ok, paint is back, I just got the email indicting that my second package has arrived with the water cooling parts and a few finishing touches. So final assembly tonight and I will take photos to submit....
  3. Progress June... Well plenty has happened over the last week, plenty of paining and assembly has occurred. If you want to drop me a line on what you think would be great....
  4. Ok, progress.... I have finished most of the metal work however I am seriously behind, I have finally got the side skins made, just not fitted. I finally got my door bell power button, and it is now cut to be mounted. I need to make I more critical component (reservoir mounts) however I am totally stuck with the concept... hopefully something come to mind in the next 2 days. I found an airbrush artist, in line with me doing the work he is only being used to blend and shade my paint job and concept. Paintwork has taken a slight deviation, I wasn't happy with just brown and white, so I have gone a leather type approach and added some "Jester" Diamonds, more in line with what I would interpret as apprentice/juvenile theme..... I have started painting, but unfortunately the gods haven't been kind with cooler temps and now rain, now if anybody knows NW Qld, it rains about 20 days a year, today being one of them...... On 1 more note my graphics card has died, and I doubt the replacement will arrive to run the system.....
  5. OK, starting to see the end now, mounting some of the tin and hopefully by the end of today I have the internal structure figured out (made would be epic with my timeframe) then over the course of next week I can paint.... A quick snap of progress......
  6. Ok, some updates.... I got my tin panels back from the tin bender, took about an hour but I got them to fit, look rather good, well better than I expected. Just trying to work out what to do with the front panel, all I have is a blank piece of tin, and i'm struggling to find anything to put on it. Getting to the smaller bits now, looking at what to mount all the cover panels with now, i'm looking at button head screws which with a spring washer will lift them off the base panels just slightly.... Once I have these few bits finalised it'll be on to panel repairs and paint......
  7. Well, hot off the press, I have received one of my orders of watercooling components from VIC, however my small order from a very reputable company in qld has been the biggest stuff about of my life, and now they tell me that they can only supply me the res and no fittings..... not impressed right now, so hopefully I can get the fittings I need from VIC in time, I just now need to build the system to see what i'm missing....
  8. Some more pictures, its getting really frustrating that the photos won't work guys, i'm really sorry, I have put them into photoshop elements to try turn them and resave, but still it twists them.....
  9. 21-22/5.... Ok almost live mentioned I will get a lot more in depth soon... I do apologise if there are large gaps in this temp worklog... I decided that the front panel needed to be changed inline with the old school theme, so I managed to find a doorbell that I will attempt to mount, I got a template made for a tin panel that has completely covered the original I/o panel.
  10. 16-20/5 Getting to the more technical stuff now, putting this case back together has been very difficult, I have gone with a combination of super glue, plastic steel, rivets and screws. not my finest moments, I am hoping that with paint and a few additional accent pieces I can make it look decent. I have started on making the templates for the internal panels now, this has posed it own new set of challenges, I am attempting to use the old internal structure as somewhat of a template for the new panel.....
  11. Howdy all, sorry still struggling with photos............ I'll try and give an update and with whatever photos are the right way, or bearable to look at..... Ok, so...... 14-15/6 Did a heap of measurements on the case with the success of flipping the middle section of the case, a few grinds here and there for fitment, fundamentally the panels do fit. Now I have the power supply sitting on the top of the case above the inverted mainboard. this will be shrouded in a tin top. this has opened a few possibilities for what else to fit into that space (as much as possible to keep the centre section of the case as clean and wire free as possible). I decided the since i'm using a matx board to give the whole lot a chop (60mm to be exact), so upon marking I went at it with an angel grinder, I made numerous cuts in different areas of the case so that it didn't look like I had just grabbed the whole case and sliced it clean in half. This has created its own new set of challenges putting it all back together (neatly)
  12. Ok, I can now get photos but they are rotated, windows doesn't have them 90 degrees?? any help would be appreciated..... Day 1: Receiving the case and motherboard. It didn't take long to dismantle the case and start brainstorming, I decided on and internal inversion of the centre sections, I decided to attempt this by literally switching the top and bottom plates.
  13. Ok, well lets try this again..... A lot has changed in the build, I have had some major technical dramas (Thanks Vance from CM) for getting my account back up and running...... I'll give you all the back story first, I now live 1200kms from the coast so items now can take from 5-20 days to arrive to me, so I get a lot of stuff in waves. However, the double edged sword is that if things go wrong, and with minimal tools and access to machinery I have to just adapt, you will see this with this build..... First things first yes I do have case, but, when I received it had been opened, subsequently the accessories box was missing (thanks ebay seller) they have said they are sending it, but nothing has arrived to date The motherboard is here and was a complete box The case has been measured, chopped, riveted and glued, I am now awaiting some templates I made to be turned into tin internals from a local shop. Once I work out how to upload images I'll post again and in more depth as a picture tells a thousand words.
  14. I do apologise, I should have reserved the first post for this blurb..... The Masters Apprentice....... Case and Mods Done; Coolermaster Mastercase5 Pro Internal Case inverted (Power Supply on top) Case chopped 60mm Side panels chopped, and tin skins in the new dimensions attached Tin shroud covering the power supply that also houses the hdd's, radiator, light switches and top half of the reservoir. Power button is a re-purposed Victorian iron era doorbell Internal partition is a timber panel covered in vinyl placed to hide all the power, hdd and jumper wiring to maintain a clean look. UV lights mounted to base of tin shroud. Reservoir cut through the top panel and mounted on top of carved timber box to hide all plumbing. Array of 140mm fans Accent panels are all tin, raised off the panels. Case painted and airbrushed Components Asus ROG Maximus 8 Gene Intel i5 Processor Geforce GTX 950 (not installed due to RMA) Custom water cooling system with FrozenQ Reservoir in UV Blue Thank you for looking at my entry and i wish everyone the best Nick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys, Well its been quite a long time between mods, but finally I'm going to have another crack at it. This one will be called The Masters Apprentice, a bit more alchemy, a little less steam punk (well that's the hope anyway). Now living in sunny Mt Isa,Qld things have got off to a very poor start, however I am awaiting my second case and motherboard to show up this time. Current Components; Coolermaster Mastercase Pro 5 Asus ROG M8 Gene I haven't received anything yet, but when I do I'll start posting and creating the work log. A few pictures that formed the inspiration for this build, and the assembled case.