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  1. Brought my PC to some technicals today, they'll tell me what's going wrong within 2-4 days. Luckily, they're going to do it freeee. In case someone is curious, I'll post the issue here Thanks everyone : )
  2. Yes they don't, it's very upsetting The fan was spinning and "pulling out" warm air (like the old fan). I remember I didn't mount it very solildy (I remember I thought I was going to solve this problem later "for now just let's see if it boots correctly") but the heatsink was in contact with the CPU as I could see when I reinstalled the old fan, the thermal paste seemed being spreaded among the tx3's heatsink (not as well as I hoped lol). No overclocks at all In the past couple days I tried using an old CPU (Pentium E2160) without any results, got on the socket again my Q9505. I've also tried the new PSU again (Fortron Hyper 500W), "maybe the 4-pin molex of the bad PSU broke". Quite probably it's something that I personally broke. I need to know what's not working (probably Mobo, could RAM cause this no signal problem?) and possibly apply warranty where I can. I specifically asked on these forums as my PC stopped working EXACTLY when I installed said fan. Tomorrow or something I'm really going to take my PC somewhere Thanks everyone
  3. No, it's this one: Just with a different kind of screws (idk the person who fixed my PC didn't use the original ones)
  4. Hi : } thanks for posting No : ( But I kinda exclude it because when I swapped again to my old fan before the no signal problem, the computer worked without applying any other paste (let the one on the cpu there without applying anything on the old heatsink) ; temps were higher than usual but all went nice, of course until I mounted again the TX3 EVO. Q9505's Tcase is 100 °C btw I think todayy I'm going to power it on again and see what happens before going ahead taking the PC to someone and RMA the fan.
  5. Oh hi I had it on CPU FAN1 Never changed BIOS settings and my old fan was plugged there too
  6. Well fans were spinning and now even with my old fan my pc is unusuable : ( I'll probably RMA the fan and take my PC to someone who tell me which components are faulty at this point Thanks tho : ) Does everyone know if a fan could potentially cause this damage to a system? I know some fans' rubber parts can short / fry the motherboard but the TX3 EVO doesn't contain it (as far as i know). If yes, does warranty include potential damage to other components?
  7. Oh thanks c : My specs: Mobo -> Asrock G41M - VS3 R2.0 - 1 month old RAM -> Kingston 2x2 Gb DDR3 1333 MHz - 3/4 years old CPU -> Intel Core 2 Q9505 @2.83 GHz 1333 FSB speed - bought used almost new, 1 month old Hard Disk -> Western Digital Green SATA 2 500 Gb 7200 RPM - 3/4 years old GPU -> none (Integrated Graphics) Case -> unknown Old PSU -> Mach Power ATX 500 W P5 (bad brand known where I live) New PSU -> FSP Fortron PPA5005003 "Hyper" 500 W ATX 2.31 - 1 week old Tried the fan with both PSUs
  8. Hi everyone, hope I'm in the right place Some days ago I tried to install said fan on my system to get better temps. Tried to boot: it turned off itself within 30s (about the windows loading screen). Retried other several times, entering the BIOS /using windows repair didn't make it any better. Mounted my old fan again: PC worked perfectly, tried restarting several times, no problems. The following day I tried to mount another time the TX3 EVO, reapplying the thermal paste (the one which came with the fan) a little better (wondered if too high temps were the cause). This time, monitor wasn't giving any signal. Here's a thread with some other details (specs, things I've done ecc..: Now, I'd like to understand what went wrong and know if a "bad" fan could potentially give alike problems I'm ready to give any other info I can give Any help is extremely appreciated )