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    Seidon 120v - Strange Noise

    well, did not change after ireseat, noise remains. temps that i got with fx 8350 4.3 ghz 1.400v system tottaly idlle: 12.6cº 30 minutes prime95: 65cº really I think there's something wrong, because I have the seidon about 6 months and the problem appeared recently Edit is hard to detect where it comes from, this video is not mine but here is the same but it does not remain strong all the time. so I tried to stop and apparently seems that noise is from the pump, I also noticed that tubes heats up a bit, I do not know if this should happen
  2. Guilherme

    Seidon 120v - Strange Noise i have 4pin connected on cpu fan and 3pin on sys fan3, is correct?
  3. Guilherme

    Seidon 120v - Strange Noise

    When I turn on my computer it is almost imperceptible. starting from the time the CPU is under load (when I'm playing for example) the noise increases and so when I exit of game (system idle) it keeps more audible for some time, until it becomes almost imperceptible again, but sometimes it remains. I have tried changing all the connectors without success.