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  1. Concept

    Lore :

     A relic lost in time chiseled out from the most potent tree of the Night silver Woods to celebrate the most fearsome generals of the ancients, the there spirit brothers, The living embodiment of three major forces of nature, Storm, Earth and Fire it is said that  this ancient masterpiece releases a very powerful magic that resides in its core cleansing out the darkness with its colorful yet destructive powers when it reveals its hidden secrets.

    Concept :


    The concept of the mod is to infuse older methods of art into new technology. a blend of grace and power. so to do this i thought of using a big mahogany log as a  rough canvass  to carve out 3 of my most favorite characters from the Dota 2 universe and to build a mechanical system around it.

    The log is carved into 3 pieces with it's innards removed to accommodate the liquid cooled pc in the center.

     This two piece frame method is a new concept i came up with which lets the user to either use the central piece which is the actual system with all its components and a custom  liquid loop built into a cylindrical bare bone shell i designed with the parts of a master case  as a standalone unit  which you can keep on a desktop, or use the whole setup on all of its glory with the cool outer frame with statues which acts as a buffer as well as a case to shield the hardware and all its internals from any misfortune and still have a way to showoff the beefy tech inside. with this new method if its built into an even a smaller compact form of a standard desktop tower, it lets the users easily clean or upgrade the machine without a hassle or just repaint and do all sorts of crazy things. 


    The full case has 3 modes that we can use to control the unit to open and close it. Automatic , manual wireless and full manual override mode. The outer case which holds the statues and the carvings is controlled by an arduino with sensors which runs a small script that detects the temperature of the case and if it detects any temperature anomalies it will open up the bay doors(which are the swords) and lift up the case to let some cool air in and automatically close when the temperature is back to normal. the mod also has a remote controller which can manually open up the case from a distance whenever you feel like your case needs some fresh air or just want to show off or admire your build and it also has a manual override switch in case your arduino suffered a catastrophe and you ran out of battery on the remote  controller because you kept opening and closing it just because its frigging amazing so i added that feature as a fool proof to save myself from the hassle of just loosing the remote somewhere  which i already did!  (shutout to the Chinese seller on eBay who sent me a backup remote!)

    the lifting mechanism is made with a linear actuator on a cross lift setup  to hold the weight of the rig inside and a simple push pull arm mechanism is used to push the bay doors outwards like a flower.


    Every pattern and detail is hand carved with traditional wood carving tools with countless hours of concentration and elbow grease. the script and the lifting mechanism and the door opening system is originally made and fine tuned to make it work as neatly as possible with the resources i had at my disposal.

    Enjoy the photos!!











































  2. post-105073-0-34203000-1462784284_thumb.png



    https://youtu.be/YRK6j18TY0k  Preview trihexa 666 final product.

    About me :

     Hey guys My name is Kanishka Akalanka,a rather new face to the Computer case mod scene, i am from Sri Lanka and this is the first time i am participating in the cooler master case mod world series, so i hope to do my best and build something really unique and out of the ordinary. Nothing much can be said about me other than i love computers and like to think myself as  a gamer in the most literal form because gaming is an addiction that i cannot get rid of   :grin:  :grin:  :grin: .


    Concept : The concept is to Design something completely out of the ordinary using material or means that has never been used in the computer case mod scene and to introduce something unique to the field keeping in mind to keep the cost as low as possible so that anyone can build something cool that can match or even exceed the looks of a regular pricey build with the expensive luxuries that most new modders tend to lack that keeps them form ever trying.

    So i thought why not do an Assemble art, something the PC case mod scene has seen less of, and to do that  using old used vehicle parts and scrap metal. 

    throughout this build, the aspects of assemble art , sculpting, fiberglass and some techniques of painting is used accordingly to complete the design intended. 

    The Design :  I have always been fascinated by dragons, mythical beasts of destruction and power that has always been in stories told almost all around the world, and those used in most of the movies, games or even anime that i have come across that has used dragons in many shapes and forms. so this fascination and interest in these fantasy based creatures led me to design this form of the skeletal structure of a wayvern dragon and use it in combination of sci_Fi and mythical aspects to create one cool looking beast that is ready to rip someone apart  :evil4:  :evil2:  :evil2:. 

    01. this is a completely different shape than what you usually see on a computer case which in my opinion is the whole reason of the scratch build. to build shapes and forms that you usually don't see on stock computers off the shelf. 

    02. i wanted to build a custom water cooling that can enhance the looks of this mod by a huge scale, but sadly my budget is not that great coming into this build and importing things like custom water pumps, clamps and so on which is hard to find here is out of the question, so i kept that in mind as well to make it look as good as possible and leave enough space unseen, so it can be later on upgraded  to a custom water cooling array if i ever get a chance or resources  :sad7: . 

    03. The components attached to the rig should be better and new micro itx parts  with dual SSD drives and a new better graphics card that can enhance the performance with less heat issues and with them the whole custom cooling array must be adjusted accordingly for maximum visual and performance preferably a master air maker 8 or a v8gts, but currently that kinda tech is out of my reach but i will not let that little nuance get to me, from finishing this mod so i used the components of the old gaming rig i have and fitted it with a new cm seidon 120v water-cooler and jetflo red fans  

    "The ribs on the front side of the casing can be lifted up and extended fully to do any type of upgrade".



    "Enough with the theatrics, the jig is up, lets  get to work captain hook!" 

    The Material : The material that is used in this build are used vehicle parts like chains razor wheels, engine wheels, shock absorbers' and scrap metal like barrel lid sealing rims etc, 

    For the head i wanted to go to a more traditional approach, because the head is what defines a dragon and its fierceness so using earthen clay used in pottery the mold is sculptured and then using fiberglass resin a proper mask is made. this will give us more flexibility in wiring and using light effects as well as reduce weight to balance the whole structure.  i will later explain this in detail with pictures.

    Step 01- Gathering proper material and creating the basic design. (April 26th)

    To gather  material a visit to some of the local scrap yards was needed. creating an assemble art is not so simple like the usual build where you can always Pre-plan everything and start building it.  the definition  of an assemble art is to use the exact shapes and forms of  the stuff that man made, be it may an engine of a motor bike or a tire of a car and use them to form a sculpture or a shape  using those parts that has natural shapes to them in a creative way.

    so to conclude there is no exact part that i can say would work, everything is a piece of art hidden in themselves, a definitive shape. and each and every assemble art is unique in its own way. so what we were looking for was those shapes hidden among the metal rubble that  can form TriHexa  in all its glory.  



    haha   :happy1:   :evil4:  :evil4: posting all these golden material would look like trash to some so i will post only the ones that was chosen in this build and later on do a detaild explanation on where each part is used.


    so the material that has been picked was brought back and i used some rust removing chemical as well as kerosene and liberal application of coca cola  :evil1:  :evil1: to remove all the grime rust and grease from the most obvious parts. keep in mind that when the build is halfway done i intend to do a thorough sanding and cleaning again before applying a primer paint and putty that is used on vehicles. 




    its a gruesome sight  :ogre: so ill just get on with it.  :happy2: 

    I will post photos of the 35% finished build and do a backwards explanation on how its made. 





    before the explanation, i should state that the hardest part of this design was restraining myself to keep this build in a smaller and compact scale as possible so it can stand in almost any place a regular tower design can stand. the possibilities of building a larger and way cooler looking dragon out of bigger vehicle parts were endless but i had to make it look cool and practical at the same time so this is the best size i came up with and the lack of better resources played a bigger part in most of the choices made as i was only able to start this project on the latter parts of last month so i had to improvise in many ways as i can.  

    The tools that were used here are :

    01. A Grinder
    02. A welding machine.
    03. A drill
    04. Carving Tools (Sculpting tools)
    05.Day today tools like the hammer screwdrivers etc.  
    No automated equipment were used in this build what so ever  other than the hand held devices mentioned above. and its certified 100% built from hand. :glasses2:  :glasses2:   

    The following images are obviously self explanatory, but ill describe them anyways.

    so first off, after scaling everything up  the old inner shell of a tower casing was cut apart, This will be used horizontally in the build and it is the whole length of the rib cage. it should be stated that i used this specific type of casing other than making a custom support case so this computer can be upgraded on a later stage at will without any hindrance and to avoid loosing what valuable little time i have.

    the cut off part of the casing was reinforced with quarter inch steel rods for extra support and later on to help with the welding. (The welding seams might  not be the best looking ones in the world but it got the job done considering most of the tools were gazillion years old that i rented or burrowed and i am thankful to them :thumbup:  :thumbup: ).


    after cutting off some vents for where the fans are mounted, another steel rod was welded down. This one in the shape of a back bone so that the assembly can be smooth and the stance i was looking for can be achieved.

    to explain some of the parts used in this Assembly i will  explain each and every part so anyone can  understand where those parts are originally used on. (i am no expert mechanic on vehicles or anything but i will do my best to name every part  that is welded to form the artwork.

    "These items were picked on the spot from the scrap yard, any of these were not pre planned choices as i mentioned above".


    • The back bone and the tail is made from different sizes of chains and a nickel belt that i think came from motor bikes and other industrial machinery. 
    • The ribs are made from metal clamp rims used on plastic and steel barrels splitting them in the middle so the form of the rib is made and also the lock part of that  rim has a distinct shape of a scale so it was cut off and used as the scales as shown in the picture.
    • front and hind legs are made from a Three wheeler's or (TukTuk as many know it) inner wheel's pressure plates ,  brake pads or plates what ever the exact name is and shockabsorbers  and its decorated with engine cog  wheels, Razor wheels, metal clamps and pulley harnesses used on lamp posts (i don't know the exact name of them) :happy2: 
    •  The tail is weld locked so it stays in place without any support as it should. its made from two equal sizes of  normal bicycle chains and a chainsaw chain running in the middle as the scaly part. 






















    on to the painting.

    " as i mentioned above everything was cleaned and sanded down. then a brown oil primer coat was applied to stop any of the rust from re appearing ever again, then using body filler  some of the bad areas got fixed but i wanted to make sure that we didn't dill all of them because then it would loose the artistic value and the effect the metal had altogether. also some of the areas were left with just a little sanding done because i wanted that exact texture for the painting effect i had in mind.

    for the effects first off the whole structure is spray painted with a flat black i purposefully left some areas with little to no black paint because the brown oil primer underneath will always give a good rusted effect. then with a cloth rag and some rough sanding papers a dry brush i painted weatherboard metal look which was later on coaled with a clear cote to finish it off."  









































    "i was thinking about what to use for the tail when i came across this old tool kit that was in an old storage box, and the idea came to me instantly, the interchangeable tools seemed to be rusted so i bought a new one for the sole purpose of making this mod innovative and more practical, so the idea here is i now have a tool kit at my disposal, ( fyi without rust) and not  needing to look around for one when ever i need it (loosing tools around the work area is a whole other story though :evil4: ")







    "i used the same painting method as mentioned above in the body painting part to get that weathered weapon effect as usual the brown oil primer coat left a cool rust effect on the tail to enhance the effect and the texture i wanted ."



    "led light strips and lights imma use a ton of em.  i wanted to make sure no wire was visible so we had to spend at-least 24 hours to get all these lights and effects in order and in the most clean and neat way as humanly possible. everything was sleeved to a high quality and i used industrial grade highest quality wires in the wiring"  
















    "my old power supply is getting a face lift. (it seems so happy )"
    The psu got a new paint job new flex hose wiring and heat shrink sleeving. as well as a new red led cooling fan 













































































                                                                Thank you for watching!.














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  3. images and details will be uploaded soon! once the build is underway.

    Work is finally underway with almost all of the issues i had been sorted out. its a bit hectic at the moment so i might not be able to update everything as soon as it has been made but, i will make sure break them into three groups and update the work Log accordingly.

    Good luck guys. in all of your awesome mods.   

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