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  1. Hey there. Down here in Cape Town, winter rainfall area... (winter starting now) about 15-24C day to day, in summer 30-40C Indoors between winter and summer, maybe 25-30 tops
  2. Hi everyone A bit of a wild/enthusiast/off-on-a-tangent post... a bit of a fun idea. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, summers are around 35-40C, and indoors can be 30+ I don't really have or want a home aircon, so I have quite a wild ambient temp. What I do have is two gaming pc's in a room, and our CM Seidon and Nepton coolers - which rock! I am flirting with the idea of "air chilling". Ie: Cooling ambient air prior to intake. What I am NOT referring to is cooling the home/house/room, so don't suggest an airconditioner :-) Have any of you given it any thought? Peltier coolers, other device that can be installed in a 80 or 120mm hose that can drop air below ambient, before it is pumped into a case or through a liquid cooler radiator. I have seen some posts where folks basically have ducting that obtain air from outside the home, where outdoor temps are cold/chilly. This is cool, for winter maybe, where we see 16C outside (and 25C indoors). But I feel more creative... *scratch beard* marlon
  3. I feel bad for you Taryn, but you either received a one in million kind of defect, or the installer man-handled the piping etc, Reasons do not matter. It leaked and damage is done. What is important for me, is to mention to other readers that I have seen CM liquid coolers in hard use in our home for years now, and I am on my second one personally, never had a single issue. This specific one is in my machine and working like a dream. Please don't discourage or blanket judge it so hard. The clean-up is probably done by now, and I am sure it is not too bad. CM support have been awesome, so I hope you contacted them and found resolution.
  4. Hey guys Thank you for the replies, I appreciate it. It is good to know the temperatures are in spec. I think one tends to overthink/over-expect liquid cooling to be cooler, when in fact this is already miraculously cool for a "permanently in turbo mode" 4790 :-) It seems that after a week, the T.I.M have settled too, idle temps are around 3C cooler than when i made this post. @christian: Correct. I have the radiator on the top of the case, inside. The rubber vibration pad and fans are outside the case on top, extracting. The airflow is pretty unrestricted. My Case is an el-cheapo DeepCool tesseract (yes, i know... i have a plan for replacement soon). Here are some images, hope it helps. (note there is a fresh intake fan 90 degrees right off the back, to give the radiator fresh air directly from outside)
  5. Hello guys So I want to ask about this, because my OCD is driving me nuts... First and foremost, I am technically inclined, and think I did a great job with the install from TIM to brackets and fans. The Nepton (well the Silencio's) are quiet! Secondly, this is a non-K 4790... I had a massive space issue between board/RAM and top of the case, so I have the two fans (on the rubber washer) on the outside of the case, and then the radiator on the inside. They are extracting air from the case, but cool air is pushed in direct from the rear fan (so they are not really drawing hot air through the radiator, I think...). The pump is plugged into SYSFAN1 (and as far as I know, it's set to 100%). The two Silencios are plugged into CPU1 and CPU2 headers, and I have the BIOS profiled to run each the same. Using intel XTU, i have my turbo mode set to 40x for ALL cores under load, and these are the temps I see: 1. Idling (while typing this) - 34C 2. Idling, with NOTHING by CoreTemp open - 33C 3. Idling with nothing by OpenhardwareMonitor open - 33C 4. LOAD with XTU stress test (3 mins) 59C 5. LOAD while playing ARMA3 (lol) - 50C I know these temps are within spec, I read a bit into my CPU's thermal dynamics. However, it feels like a twin fan, wide radiator liquid cooler should/could do better. Am I OCD, paranoid, expecting too much? For one thing, the Nepton is brining temps down after load was removed almost immediately, something air-cooling did not do. Would just like to know if you folks could compare or share thoughts. Cheerios Marlon