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  1. Hello Evryone, Yesterday my computer during normal use gaming, shutdown and now will not start anymore, automatically shutdown after 5-10 seconds from power. I've tried all, change all single component, CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, but at last the problem is the Seidon and don't know why... The Fan of Seidon normally Run and the Blue Led on Core Pump is on. In the few second (10-15 second if I do the Clear Cmos) on the startup, i can enter on the BIOS (My motherboard is ASUS M5A97 Pro 2.0) and i can see the temperature of the CPU which rises gradually from 30° to 48° than the computer shutdown, and there's only the Rpm of the Fan 16xx normally, the other strings say N/A. The 4 pin Connector of the Fan is on the CPU_FAN attack, and the other 3 pin connector of the Pump is on the near attack CHA_FAN. With another Cpu Fan System (a default System fan) the computer normally Run. Hope someone of you can tell me what is the problem. Thx All