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  1. I have a NovaTouch. Wanted to buy a MasterKeys Pro S. Now will have to wait till June, as Bram stated earlier.
  2. I had to cancel my Amazon UK order because my friend is already on his way to India and Amazon couldn't procure the products on time from the Vendor. I guess I will have to purchase it in June then. Such a long wait. June seems so faaar.
  3. Just FYI, I recently got the CM NovaTouch TKL and all messages posted here were typed on the same. Using it as my daily driver for typing. Love it!
  4. Thanks a bunch, Bram. June is still better than September! I already placed an order with Amazon UK. A friend is coming down in April. I hope that warranty may not be a big issue. *crosses fingers* I've been checking the early review videos of the same. Can't wait to recommend them to my friends in India and across the globe.
  5. Awesome! Pre-ordered a MasterKey Pro S model from Amazon UK!
  6. Can't wait to get my hands on a pair the new MasterKeys Pro. Any idea when is Pro S expected in India? (Had a word with the national distributor who said that they'll only get it in September.)