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  1. UPDATE: So yesterday I received a package sent by Cooler Master. They sent me three JelFlo fans in LED Red to complete my project. Now,the cooling part of this project is kind of completed unless they send me some AIO watercooling parts (I wish). I have to thank them for supporting my project. Im absolutely amazed by performance of these fans. They are good looking, very solid and stiff fans with great cooling capabilities. They push a ton of air trough my case and all of them are very quiet. Props for this, fans made me very happy. HUGE THANKS TO COOLER MASTER FOR SUPPORTING MY PROJECT!!! My next task is to complete the acrylic part of this build and that would be the PSU shroud and side window.
  2. UPDATE: Plexiglass side panel is half way there. I need to do the edges and apply glue to the panel to make it stay in place. I will post another update after I do those things. This is how it should look:
  3. Cooler Master showed amazing support for this project so they gave me motivation and will to continue with the work improving my ideas to expanding the project in a good way. HUGE THANKS, COOLER MASTER! I will be making this PSU shroud with the holes for the GPU connected with the PCI riser cable so I can expose MSI design trough the plexiglass. More of that coming soon.
  4. UPDATE: Today I used my free time to make this SSD/HDD holder plate with holes to connect the SATA Power/Data. The plate is not finished yet, there are some mistakes made but it will be solved very soon. This is just to show you how it should look when its done. You can follow my worklog on Croatian forum by clicking this link:
  5. Hello all. I want to present my current project called Dragons Den. Maybe you will ask yourself why Dragons Den? Well, the inspiration came from the MSIs Dragon Army and as I own MSI Gaming 3 Z97 board, the colors and my idea combined into one and that is how Dragons Den was born. Base of this project is HAF 912 case. I chose this case as the base of this project because its simply amazing from the start. It has huge space inside, the material feels very rough and it looks like that, too. I had so many ideas about modding this case because it just stares at you and saying "Please release my capabilities." So I started doing that, listening my ideas and following my mind. The thing is, I have no money right now and mods that I am presenting are kinda common that is because I lack money. I will do it as best as I can because this case deserves it. Maybe this community can help me in terms of getting certain parts, I will be thankful if CM or the members here can help me in any way. THE MOD LIST: 1. Putting the plexiglass on the side of the case 2. Making a PSU shroud or cover of plexiglass with Dragons Den logo on it 3. Putting the LED strips all around the case 4. Painting the CM Hyper 412S 5. Using sleeved extensions 6. Painting the things in interior to match the scheme 7. Painting the front panel plastic 8. Making the HDD/SSD holder which is painted red-black 9. Removing all HDD cages 10. Placing the CM MegaFlow 200mm fan where the 5,25" bracket was 11. Painting the PCI shrouds 12. Expanding cooling capabilities My first idea was to watercool this puppy but financial reasons kicked my idea away. The color scheme is pretty common, black and red. I miss so many parts to finish this build but I can say, it will look amazing. I will but my best effort to make this case as it should be, using my newbie techniques to achieve perfect personal product. I hope the Cooler Master will support me in my project. Thanks a lot. PARTS THAT I WILL BE USING: Intel Core i5 4590 MSI Z97 GAMING 3 Kingston Hyper X Savage 2x8GB (need to buy) MSI Radeon R9 390 8GB (need to buy) 7 pcs of Corsiar AF120 LED Red CM MegaFlow 200mm Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB Toshiba 1000GB 3,5" HDD Fractal Design Integra M 550 CM Hyper 412S Cooler Master HAF 912 I will post pictures and updates of my project. The HDD/SSD holder is not finished yet so as soon as I finish that mod, I will post the update and let you guys know how I done it.