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  1. Hello, i got an ideia to make the new RGB fans pop out even more and that is TEMPERED GLASS FRONT PANEL, just replace the mesh on the front with tempered glass and use that same mesh on the sides for air flow.
  2. A full mesh grill(without the 5.25 bay covers) would be awesome for those who dont use that space, like myself Also more I/O panels, i really like the ones from the COSMOS series with the LED and stuff
  3. Hello, im a fan of the Cosmos SE case but theres some issues that could easly be resolve and it could be in a new case. Good things i like about the Cosmos SE: - Handles - I/O Panel - Space for cabble management - Top part of the case overall Changes that would make it better: - RGB LEDs - Modular HDD cages - Removable 5.25 drive bay - Different Window panel options - Filtered Optical covers - Better front panel Radiator and Fan monts - PSU basement
  4. Im still reluctant to buy this case, i really like how it is but if it had the top of the Cosmos SE, i think i would buy it with no doubt in my mind. The I/O and front panel just kills it for me.