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  1. Yeahhhh bro!!!!! More more more!!!
  2. I finished my mod! A simple and elegant Master Case 5 =)
  3. Hi guys!!!! Its time to new updates Well.. I make a "rear wing" to the MC5 Understand? no?? Lets go Better now!! hahahaha Another mod is the frontal panel 2.0 Lets mod it Red plexy + aluminium Logo time Now, the paint time Starting Aaaaaaand
  4. Hi guys!! I'm here again with this beautiful sponsors hahaha Well, I cuted the top panel And fixed the front panel using this bay support.. a little aluminum/plastic sandwich Going to the control panel, I decided to put two usbs and only a button To make something like this
  5. Starting the mod!!! I divided the frontal panel in two pieces. The first one is the main piece, bigger, with the fan controller and other things. I cut and folded the aluminium, but I photographed only the old Aerogate 1 installation (sorry by this). And the second one, a frontal complementation. To be something like this Well, in the first moment, it's only!! In the next step I will show the top and control panel mod! Cheers
  6. Hi everybody! After 5 years I'm backing to the CM Contest (old name? haha) And the victim now is a Master Case 5 from Cooler Master (rly? ) Before I start... thanks to my sponsors: