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  1. Google Tai Hao PBT backlit Rain Drop, you should find them ok.
  2. The front left rubber foot has came off mine, i wonder if someone at CM could send me another?.
  3. Seems i don't have any illumination on the tilde key and enter key, anyone else have this problem?. You can see here the keys are not lit from beneath. Just checked again and they only seem to light up White. Hmm, now i can change the colour but only in static mode, i can't change them individualy.
  4. Got mine just now, i'll stick a pic up later.
  5. Cancelled my Amazon order and went with Scan, should be here tomorrow.
  6. Nope, i'm pretty sure OCUK or Scan will be first.
  7. I'll be going for the S with Browns, £120 for the L so i would be happy with £100 for the S. I'll still be keeping my White QFTK though!.