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  1. Yes, and I can't imagine how you would "flip the motherboard tray" in either a Wave Master or any other ATCS case without major mods. Please explain further.
  2. Scratch on the window? Try this.
  3. Me too. This just ain't right. There are a number of very good painting guides around -- there isn't any shortage if you know how to Google. This just looks like a rush to see something posted in the Modding How-To forum.
  4. Do I understand this correctly? You don't want something that you like, you want something that everyone else likes? Who dresses you in the morning?
  5. Well then, there's also modding services you can contact to cut the window of your choice for you. Check your local Google.
  6. Ever think about cutting and mounting your own window? It isn't that hard to do. Might even be cheaper and would definitely be more unique than a pre-modded window that anyone could have.
  7. Our March winner is teh_gurl -- The Mad Modder of the Month. Congratulations. You can read about her all this month on our front page HERE. Teh_gurl wins some great gifts, courtesy of Cooler Master, and Novus Plastic Polish. They include a Aero 4 Lite CPU Cooler for Intel, by Cooler Master, a 12" Aurora CCFL, by Cooler Master, a Neon LED Fan, by Cooler Master, a set of blue corrugated tubing in multiple sizes, by and a complete Novus Plastic Polish set for maintaining her acrylic panels. You can win too. Just join The Mad Modder Forums and participate. Post your pictures in the Gallery of Photos and spend time talking with your fellow members right there on The Mad Modder Forums. Congratulations, teh_gurl. Keep on modding.
  8. WHO did you email? The guy who should have gotten your email was the guy who made the first reply to this thread. Read it and answer his question. WHAT store did you buy it from? Who did you email/talk with and what were their reasons for not exchanging it? Cooler Master doesn't have stores. They are a manufacturer who sells only to distributors and retailers, not the general public. But they do operate this forum just for people to come to with their problems. If you look around at some of the messages and threads here, you will see there are people with problems and they are being resolved. There are a lot of people who are here because they are happy with the products and voluntarily support other users. You haven't given any relevant information. Nothing that is of any use to someone seeking to help you resolve your problems. You listed your problems, which are out of the ordinary and the lead Cooler Master rep here already suggested you got a lemon and it should be remedied. Unfortunately, his signature doesn't lead you to understand he is, in fact, a Cooler Master representative. You come here shooting off your foul mouth and expect Cooler Master to jump right up -- and they did. See the second post in this thread. Instead of answering his simple question and trying to get your problem resolved in a civil fashion, you prefer to :) and complain. You've got no manners and you've got no sense.
  9. The Mad Modder of the Month for February is malatory, also known as dave303 right here on the Cooler Master Forums. You can see him featured on the front page at The Mad Modder. Thanks to the generosity of the folks here at Cooler Master, malatory has won a 12" red Aurora Cold Cathode Florescent Lamp and a 80mm Red Neon LED Fan. Thank you Cooler Master, for supporting the modding community. We honor the skills of mad modders every month at and you can be a winner too. Our prizes will get better each month as we gain popularity. Just join us there and participate. Post pictures of your modding creations and enjoy the camaraderie of mad modders from around the world. Congratulations, malatory, on a job well done. Keep on modding.
  10. Did you click on the link and then go into the forums from there? It's one of the forums, like wacft said -- Gallery of Photos. Hope to see you there, BigAl.
  11. The Mad Modder Forums offers prizes and a spot on our front page for The Mad Modder of the Month winners. All you have to do is post pictures in our Gallery of Photos (max 750px wide) and participate in the forums. Forum staff picks the winner each month. Janurary's winner is Cooler Master's own JessAlba452 -- CONGRATULATIONS! All are welcome. Hope to see you there.
  12. Just wanted to congratulate JessAlba452 for being The Mad Modder of the Month at The Mad Modder Forums. Fine job and well deserved. This is a brand new feature and only participating members are eligible.
  13. Have you tried that? Take a look at the PSU cage: I think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to bend, and bend, and bend without damaging the chassis frame before breaking the support bracket off where it should be. Remember that a modder that doesn't know what tools to use for making simple modifications will take you at your word. If you don't know how to do what you suggest someone else do, you may help them destroy their project. My suggestion would be to take careful measurements first. You don't need to remove any more material than you need to. You might want to remove only the area that impedes the connector(s), or you may want to remove the whole vertical portion of the rear brace for aesthetics. There are a couple of tools you can use to cut the material. In this particular case, I think the Dremel or similar rotary tool would work the best. A Dremel could be used in the tight confines of the chassis without having to remove any rivets. After you make your cuts, file and sand any rough edges for a finished look. Another tool that can work is the jigsaw. However, you would need to remove the rivets that secure the top panel and the PSU cage. This is necessary so that you have access to the rear cross member to cut away the area you desire. Again, smooth up your cuts with a file. It may also be possible to just file away the small section of the aluminum bar that keeps you from plugging in the connector. A coarse file will remove material quicker and you can clean up the area with a finer cut file. Although time consuming, this will be the most economical method for the beginning or novice modder with few tools. Good luck with your project and please let us know how it goes. PS:Maybe a moderator will move this to the Modding & Overclocking forum
  14. I have seen what many refer to as mods, but are nowhere near modding. It's just my opinion, but a mod to me is when you actually do something to alter the appearance of your computer. I'm not talking about just adding parts here and there. I mean do a paint job, anodize, vinyl dye, drill a blow hole, cut a window, Dremel in a design, do something out of the ordinary. I know that modding is becoming common place and "out of the ordinary" may not be so out of the ordinary any more, but simply buying a few after market parts like LED fans, a cold cathode light, a ready-made windowed panel, etc. is not really modding. It's no more modding than you would consider bolting on some ground effects out of the package customizing your car. This is what I would consider personalizing a computer. Nothing wrong with it, but it isn't modding to me. There are a lot of very cool after-market parts available to personalize a computer with. Cooler Master makes some of the best. But merely putting these parts on (or in) the computer is not what I would call modding. Making these parts different in some way, or using them in an unusual manner would be modding. Making a computer unique in some way, in addition to adding some of these after market parts is also modding to me. But when all you do is buy a bunch of pre-mods and put them on, you are personalizing a computer, not modding it. Maybe I'm wrong. What is your idea of what modding is? TMM