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    Cooler Master silencio 352 --> CPU Coolers

    hi, for what I have seen, I have just 1 option that fits the height and weight limit, and that is: Hyper TX3 EVO from TX3 Evo, I don't like the way it is fixed to the motherboard (with no blackplate), and the TX3 EVO bracket-version is not available for me. Other option, with 500 + 80 gr (more than 450 gr limit) but with black-plate fixing method is the Hyper 103 I really don't know what to do. I don't like the fixing way of the TX3 EVO, but the weight of the Hyper 103 afraid me. PD: sorry for my english
  2. Hi, first of all sorry for my English. I am thinking about making a new pc with a COOLER MASTER SILENCIO 352 case/tower. I have read that the CPU cooler has to be less than 155 mm length. I also have read (in the ga-h81h-s2h motherboard) that it can not weight more than 450 gr. With this limitations I do not have clear which cooler masters cpu cooler I can use. Reading the specs of the cpu-coolers, I see different dimensions , different weights Can you tell me for sure which cpu-coolers from the "Hyper Series" can I use? Thanks in advance