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  1. Just wanted to update this, this problem is solve for now. I used a DIY method to solve this problem. Went to Lowes and bought #6-1 1/2" machine screws and that did that trick. Don't seem to notice vibration either, so it seems to work. Still waiting on the response for RMA request for spare screws. I was notified through the support page that the technical team is working on a solution to allow me to request parts, so waiting on the link to open up. Either way, I got a 200mm fan install, so the problem is solved.
  2. I realized when I got my 690III in white last month, that it doesn't come with some of the standard equipment that the black version comes with (missing the middle rack, 140mm fan instead of the 200mm, some screws that the manual says should be included with the case). I didn't request to return it or exchange it because it wasn't a problem at the time. I wouldn't use the middle rack anyway (as I want unobstructed airflow to the video card and middle of case), and the stock 140mm that was include wasn't bad. I also didn't want a black case (not much a fan of color black), if I could avoid it. I only ran into the problems when trying to install the 200mm fan I bought (Cooler master megaflow blue led), and the screws that attach the 140mm fan is too short. There was also no other include front fan screws included with the case. The final bullet in that installation was when the thread size for the front of the case are smaller than the standard fan mount threads at #6. When I spoke on the support chat they said to request replacement parts, but since there wasn't a link available (I think my receipt is not getting accepted), so I requested a RMA and just mention I only want replacement screws.
  3. I forgot to mention: I have place a support ticket already (with no reply yet after 2 days), but just figured I ask forum if anyone here knew the answer.
  4. So, I ordered the white version of the cooler master 690III back in 2 months ago (Feb 2016), and instead of a 200mm fan, it only came with a 140 mm. it wasn't a problem until now when I wanted to replace it with a 200mm led fan (Cooler Master Megaflow led blue Led fan). I bought it from amazon, and then I had to return it after realizing the screws for the 140mm fan were too short to mount the 200mm fan. I would hate the idea that I can't do anything with the front of case due to missing screws. Note: there are no additional front fan mounting screws included with my case. Although I didn't check for specific details, it seems like the screw kit provided with my case is missing some screws. These aren't big issues that I need to request an RMA (as this is my main rig and can't go without a computer for long periods of time due to school), but the case is great other than not coming with a 200mm and some screws and accessories that should have come with the case seems to be missing. So here are my questions: 1) Anyone know where I can order screws to mount a front 200mm fan as well as extra 140mm and 120mm mounting screws? 2) If that not possible, Anyone know how long a 6-32 screw should be for a 200mm, 140mm, and 120mm fan? a) Will a fan perform well and not rattle or vibrate if I just go the my local hardware and buy machine screws there?