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  1. Very bright and feels very very well made compared to my rapid I
  2. Hi Jayme have stock now of the PRO S but at £106 and Amazon have no stock but I assume it will arrive soon
  3. Yip no stock of the Pro s at scan either just typical such a slow launch
  4. Thanks for letting me know I cant wait to get one of these
  5. Thanks very much for the confirmation WHY is the coolermaster EU store getting stock much later than retailers I would of thought you would have had stock first
  6. Hi all has the PRO S been shipped to the UK yet as I'm still waiting on Amazon to get stock and Scan will supposedly have stock on Monday 11/04
  7. usual let down from Amazon as still no stock
  8. hi guys Amazon Uk now have the pro s on pre order with a few different EU country versions like Nordic.Italian.German and French for £89 which is a great price, they also have US version
  9. Me too brown switches for delivery next Sat hopefully
  10. pro s now available for pre order on amazon uk for £89.00
  11. Guys when is the PRO S going to be available in the UK I cannot preorder anywhere
  12. Hi I don't see the PRO S?? on Amazon or Scan