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  1. Yes I know , but I like to say that I learn something every mode , which is the next one certainly will be better.
  2. So it came into operation. The tanks were problems when I put on the cap and it was the plug, not fit under the radiator. I managed to get a 10cm tank, from then it was OK. After uploading a while spinning machine. The truth is that an AMD proc and of a very slim 4950 x2 to the radiator 240, 30 thicknesses. The fans need to spin at full speed. Then here are the final images. When everything was finished, I saw bugs in it. But then the next will be better Thank you for your attention
  3. Well, a couple of hours relaxing and a handful of one pack of cigarettes later completed the installation of the rear panel LEDs
  4. He finally got the final color. Only left the assembly.
  5. hello everyone. I'm over the primer painting and will soon receive the final color.
  6. Welcome everyone. I am Zoli from Hungary. I apologize for my English is a little incomplete. I use Google Translate. It's time I read the forum and now made up his mind to draw up an own CASECON. Sponsors For now, no, but that will likely change. The plan found here. Few restructuring plan on it. For now, that's it, I'll soon be in the pictures. The materials used in foamed PVC (Kömatex), glue, aluminum profile and a few screws. Some pictures unfortunately missed the beginning. But in the future it will no longer be missed. Today I prepared the basis for the roof and side panels The recording side panels, I found out that without screws, sliding method would fit into place. The other day I made the top of the permanent establishment and the bottom of the grid ,, "also won the pre-final form of power. I fixed up the top of the tablet holder ,, box. "I've been thinking that either horizontally or vertically to be this. Finally, the vertical won. Today I did a little brightening up in front of the fairing and painting the top and side panels. In the course of yesterday's Asrock Hungary and Cooler Master Hungary sent the parts. 4 x 120mm fan, 2 x 92mm fan, and a 850W power supply ITX motherboard with AMD processor. achment=10723:DSC_0687.JPG] Hi there. Later today I pulled it a little better. I was thinking over the ground plane, only to vent grille-ended, but I found home 3mm leds. I started to drill in place Quite a long operation proved. Then I prepared the paint. I affixed the stickers, which I received last night, and at first thought I blew the red parts. Once dry, I uncovered the correct parts and the whole sprayed metallic black. I think it was not bad, but it would have to be improved.