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  1. Jayce Lou

    Seidon 120V Plus installation doubt

    Thanks for the tips, will look into it. One thing I wanna point out from what I'd read and watched, adding extra fan could merely bring down 1 or 2 degree, not much of help though. Doesn't really justify for the cost of the fan and electricity, also the noise its produce.
  2. Jayce Lou

    Cooler Master Water Cooling Support Guide

    "do not modify the pump speed" Do you mean we must plug the pump to PWR_FAN header? Because any other fan header will have control of seed either through BIOS or motherboard utility.
  3. Jayce Lou

    Seidon 120V Plus installation doubt

    Thanks for sharing. However, at first glance, it is quite confuse. I have to thoroughly compare between these two picture to understand what is happening. I can see that you are connecting the pump to the CPU_FAN header. I'm just wondering are there a temperature sensor for the pump? Because from what I can see, it has only 3 pin and how is the motherboard working without temperature sensing? Secondly, why aren't you using PWM fan? Because I don't see the forth pin.
  4. How does it compare in term of performance/dollar? 120V Plus being a entry level product where 120XL kind of like a slightly more better version? Nepton 120XL was actually top of line in term of price. How would you choose between these three? What's the Pros and Cons?
  5. I've bought a Seidon 120V Plus. While waiting for its arrival I have some question to ask regarding installation of the cooler. 1. Pushing air into the radiator or pulling air out through the radiator. Any different and which is better efficiency? 2. Pump connector should be plug into SYS_FAN or PWR_FAN? I understand that PWR_FAN provide constant power and has no control over it, so would any durability deficiency issue (pump) if works constantly? Thanks.