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  1. This is very normal behaviour. Even though the system is powered off there is still a very small current running through the system from the wall. Only remedy is to either flick the switch on your PSU or turn the system off at the wall. Turning off at the wall will save you some nano-pennies over time Edit: Either that or unplug the mouse
  2. The clown cursor at start-up is a result of the LOD not being set to 'High' (Default). Leave it set at default and you'll be good.
  3. The Xornet II is a mess currently. A lot of failing firmware updates have been and are still happening. Even I experienced one myself. I went to upgrade from the original 1.00 firmware to 1.03 and the red bar never moved at all. After several minutes of waiting, I unplugged it. Plugged it back in and the mouse still worked, thankfully. I ran the firmware update again and it succeeded. I suppose I got lucky. Other people ended up bricking their mice because of it. Good to know you fixed it (partially). P.S. The middle click is known to stop working after very little use. It's a crappy TTC switch. I switched mine out for a better Kaihl one. It's noticably heavier to press but has been working 100% of the time since I switched it.
  4. What lift-off setting are you using in the software? Default (High), Normal or Low? Selecting anything other than High can sometimes cause issues. Also, you say it has a hard time tracking on fabric. You mean cloth mousepads like QcK, G240 etc.?
  5. So, the dropped polls and clown cursor lift-off bug in the software is fixed? Edit: Also, Pim, you may have accidentally added me to the subforum. I'm not a beta tester, I never agreed to the terms
  6. So, the Sentinel III driver installer .exe is crashing whenever I get past the installation language option. Using Windows 10 x64. Tried numerous things. Running manually as an admin Disabling antivirus (+ Windows Defender) Running in compatibility mode for Windows 7 " " " " " Windows 8 Trying to install in a different language Updating the mouse firmware from 1.12 to 1.18 Using a 3.0 port instead of 2.0 Reinstalling Windows Very frustrating. Thankfully a lot can be adjusted on the mouse itself including CPI and LOD tuning.
  7. Does this behavior still happen on lower DPI steps, say 1000 or below? What firmware are you using, 1.03? I'll set mine to 2000 and do some tests myself in a windowed game and see what happens. The Xornet II is bad for malfuntioning at anything above 1000, really. Maybe the mouse is reaching the maximum tracking speed for that specific DPI step and is snapping the cursor outside the window. Edit: Just tested TF2 and L4D2 in windowed (border and borderless) and I don't get any issues you're experiencing apart from the malfunction at high speeds. Seems like there's something up with your computer that's causing it. Highly doubt the mouse is the issue. Unless, of course, it's something to do with the software. Do you currently have it installed?
  8. Middle click has started acting up again. Requiring an insane amount of pressure for it to register. Might RMA. Anyone else had similar problems? Edit: Well, damn. Novatech have solid support. Spoke to a guy for about 5 mins and they're sending out a replacement without me needing to return the faulty one. Brilliant!
  9. I've actually lost interest in the Xornet II since I've started using 800/1600 CPI for browsing/gaming respectively. This video made me see the light. I did tests myself in CS and Quake and I'm definitely a believer in high CPI, low in-game sens. Unfortunately, the Xornet II performs terribly at anything above 500. Even 1000 malfuntions too early. I'm far more interested in the Spawn II and I hope that the guys at CM will listen to us like they did with the Xornet refresh. Here's what I, personally, would be interested in. (Above) PMW3360 (or S3988 minimum, NOT A 3310 PLZ ) with surface tunability/lift-off options that WORK (Above) ALPS encoder Smooth rubber cable Xornet II shell (same shape, rubber grips, smooth textured buttons, lightly textured plastic) Black/grey colour scheme Either NO LED or an RGB LED Keep same shape/texture of Xornet II's physical scroll wheel. Make it black if no LED, keep same if RGB.
  10. I personally use a fingertip grip and it's great with this mouse. After a day of non-use the middle click has magically started working again. However, there are still boot-up problems where the sensor cuts off randomly. I hear people saying to use the CPI down button to adjust LOD but I do that and it still cuts off randomly until I open the software and reset the drivers. It might have something to do with me setting the LOD in the software to "low" but it's unusably high if it's kept on the "high" setting. Edit: I use Windows 10, too
  11. I'll genuinely be the saddest panda there ever was if they don't get the firmware/software working flawlessly. I can't put into words how much I love this mouse. I've owned mice double the price of the Xornet and I can't stand not using it due to the middle click not working. I need it in my hand!
  12. Recieved mine yesterday. Scroll wheel click is already broken after 1-2 hours of use. Must be something to do with the 2 pin switches because it happened to my Avior SK as well (except after a longer time) and they both use an identical middle switch. Rebooting PC makes cursor movements janky. Feels like it cuts off every half second, leading to sharp edges in MS Paint. Polling is broken on 1.03 firmware, averaging ~960Hz on 1000Hz, although that's not a noticable problem. Left click is slightly squeaky but that can't be helped. Everything else seems to work great. No problems with software at all. Please, CM, I beg you, fix these in a firmware update. Or a Xornet III with slightly better build quality (squeaky switches) and slightly higher price tag. Or a Spawn II with 3310 or something. Please, just make any mouse with the Spawn/Xornet shape good!