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  1. Finally after months of work, my build for Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2019 #CMWS2019 is finished now. Presenting Open Frame Dual PC, a scratch build for Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2019. This is a Developer Station build with two complete PCs driven by single Cooler Master V1000 Watts PSU inside an open frame type case. The AMD Threadripper CPU based system is the main development system and the second Intel i7-6700K based system is a backend task system handling test Hosting, Databases, API services, Storage, Backup, etc. for main system as well as fellow developers connected via network. Both systems are powered by single Cooler Master V1000 Watts PSU, where Main system is connected directly with the Cooler Master PSU. Second system is powered by a 300W PicoPSU, which gets 12V DC power from 2 x PCI-e Power cables from PSU, coupled along with 1 Farad Super Capacitor. The Super Capacitor helps in keeping the Second system running smoothly during all the re-boot cycles of Main system. System Specifications :- AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X ASUS PRIME X399-A CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 16GB 3000MHz AMD HD 295X2 Cooler Master V1000 Watts PSU SAMSUNG 970EVO 250GB Kingston 240GB SSD WB Blue 2TB HDD Thanks to ASUS India, AMD, AMD Gaming, Thermaltake, Corsair and Cooler Master for supporting the idea. And Special Thanks to you all guys for watching this build log. #CMWS19 #ASUS #AMD #AMDGaming #Corsair #CoolerMaster
  2. Update Cooler Master #CMWS2019 case mod. Full Sunday modding fun. Finished mounting all storage drives and filled the loop with clear coolant. Installed OS and full testing on both PCs finished successfully.
  3. Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2019 - New Frame Build Hello to all, Time for another case build for Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series 2019. I am planning of a scratch dual system build of a small size supporting full ATX and ITX board and custom liquid cooling in an open frame type case. Basic idea and layout and build so fare. Started working on the build. Motherboard tray and front PSU mount done. Sponsor support from Cooler Master and ASUS Colouring of case under progress Paint job almost done. Trying test fit of PSU. Started hardware installation and cable routing. Waiting for some parts to arrive. Added analog ‘rpm’ meter for pump speed monitoring. Also started doing hard tubbing. ASUS STRIX H270I Gaming mini-ITX board arrived from ASUS India. Also purchased CPU and nvme storage for this ITX board. A CPU block and some memory installed. Tried some test fits. Update Cooler Master #CMWS2019 case mod. Late Saturday night working on the build. Waiting for some storage hardware to arrive.
  4. Finally KTO Rosomak built finished. Thanks to ASUS India and Cooler Master India for great support. Thanks to you all for watching my build.
  5. KTO Rosomak built almost done. Some detailing work is pending.
  6. KTO build process going on with full speed. Hope to meet the deadline. All hardware and software installation done. KTO is ready to fire.
  7. Working on top turret part and internal hardware installation. Test hardware installation. Everything fits perfectly.
  8. Some late night update for my Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2017 build.