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  1. Cooler Master Seidon 120v Ver.2 Pump Noise

    What were the temps exactly? Mine will idle around 30c. Obviously, it cant go below room temperature so it will depend on how hot your environment around the PC is, but if the temps are high, I'd say faulty pump
  2. Cooler Master Seidon 120v Ver.2 Pump Noise

    Sounds a bit like how mine sounded. I returned the noisy one and got a replacement. The replacement sounds much, much better. It is quieter and I hardly notice it now. I'd recommend a replacement and see if the new one is any better.
  3. Cooler Master Seidon 120v Ver.2 Pump Noise

    I used my first setup with pump connected to 3-pin PWR_FAN and fan connected to 4-pin CPU_FAN. Pump runs at full speed as it should and the fan is controlled with temperature of CPU. All is good. CPU can get down to 22°C and up to 40-55°C depending on the type of load. Fans are fairly quiet too. Good airflow but no space to dual fan. Just pleased it's all working nicely!
  4. Cooler Master Seidon 120v Ver.2 Pump Noise

    Update: The replacement Seidon 120v came today I have installed it and it is much quieter than the previous one, thankfully! There's a lot of dripping sounds coming from inside but I'm guessing that will ease after a few days of use.
  5. Cooler Master Seidon 120v Ver.2 Pump Noise

    Thanks, I saw this one before. I had tried those BIOS settings already and the pump made the same noise when it wasn't screwed down either, so it wasn't because it was too tight. My package has been picked up and will be replaced soon
  6. Cooler Master Seidon 120v Ver.2 Pump Noise

    Thanks. The noises aren't bubbles. I know the pipes make those noises in some systems but not this one. It's been running for a few days now but there's no improvement. I've asked for a replacement so shall see how that one sounds. I shall update this when I have it
  7. Cooler Master Seidon 120v Ver.2 Pump Noise

    Hi, thanks for the response. This made no difference, unfortunately
  8. Hi all, I've recently purchased and installed a Seidon 120V Ver.2 cooler, however the pump block seems to be making a loud whirring noise. I would guess it is the impeller rotating. See the following vid: Motherboard: AsRock H81M-HDS 1x 4-pin CPU_FAN - radiator fan connected here 1x 4-pin CHA_FAN - front case intake fan 1x 3-pin PWR_FAN - pump I have tried the pump on a molex connection and it makes the same noise. In BIOS, the pump RPM is roughly 2300. This is also reflected in the AsRock System Information: Can anyone advise whether this is normal operation or should I seek a replacement cooler? Thanks