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  1. Dear all, I've been playing counter-strike for years; thousands of hours firing my guns on active duty maps. For the past years I've been using the CM Xornet, and there is no mouse that gives me thís much control. Quick 180's, perfect spray control, it's the whole package. The RMB is not too responsive, man it's ideal. But now after a humonguous amount of scrolling, my mousewheel died. So, CM, do you still sell the original Xornets? Do you have a few of them in a storage room somewhere? I'd really like to invest in a couple of them since I'm a beast with my Xornet 1, and a bleeding sheep without one Oh, and I think it with also be a good idea to just recreate the exact Xornet 1 model with perhaps increased DPI/polling rates if technology has advanced meanwhile. Thanks!!