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  1. Nevermind. Caught a break with one of the CS agents, problem solved!
  2. Hi, Just a really quick question to anyone in the forums that might know. Support chat has never worked during the times that I have visited the eu store and they have yet to answer an email sent a fortnight ago. I have a CM Storm Scout II case that needs a spare screwless HDD tray. I've had a look at the spare parts for my case and haven't found any trays listed so I would really like to know which trays on the store are compatible with my tower. Like this one f. ex. : http://www.cmstore.eu/parts-replacements/case/haf/haf-932/hdd-bracket/ I suspect that the only differences between the HDD trays listed online are styling rather than form, but I just want to be absolutely sure Thanks for the help!