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  1. Can you connect the fan to a different header? (And remove from the heatsink for now)


    It could be that the fan has died from the dust inside it.


    Thanks for the reply. 


    The fans work. Like I said in my first post, if I switch the cables, as in interchange the fan connections of the Y cable they work. But only one will work at a time, both wont

  2. Hi,


    My CPU heatsinks had gotten really dusty and my board as well. So I decided to do a cleanup. I removed all the cables and removed the motherboard from the case and proceeded with the usual de-dusting, air cleaning etc. I had to remove the fans off the V8 because I had to get to the heat sinks below them as can be seen:




    After cleanup I put everything back in place, connected all the cables and started my PC. At POST I was given the CPU fan error, BIOS was not showing any fan monitoring and all fan speeds were shown as N/A. When I checked on the cooler I saw that of the two, only one fan is working (the front one). So I though the cables may be switched or something, so I changed interchanged the two fan connectors ( i.e. connected the back fan to the line the front fan was connected to and vice versa). Now the back fan was working and the front one turned off. I do this interchange again and now the other fan is working.




    As can be seen the front fan is not working but the back one is.  


    I checked everything I could possibly think of, nothing worked.


    Would appreciate some help on this.