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  1. ark

    Centurion 2 window?

    I read a tutorial on dremelling a window, doesn't seem too hard. However, I still don't quite feel happy about cutting it. What if I slip and mess up? Then its gonna be there, and I'll have to live with it. If I could buy replacement side panels, I would feel more confident..
  2. ark

    Centurion 2 window?

    Ahh, that is something I didn't want to hear I live in a small village, so theres nowhere around here. I can't think of anywhere in the nearest town that cuts metal either, I'll be sure to ask around though. Thanks for the help
  3. ark

    Centurion 2 window?

    Hey, I recently purchased a Centurion 2 case - but now I've looked on the site, I don't see any windowed side panels for Centurion 2.. Are any of them compatible with Centurion 2? If not, are there any shops that sell them? I don't really fancy getting out the jigsaw and mashing up my new case Thanks, ark.