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  1. well as i said before in another post was that my old computer bit the dust because it was sprayed by two male cats while it was on. My wife and I had to move and we had to go to temporary housing with some friends and this is where it happened the original rig was purchased at Comp USA and Tiger Direct which both are now defunct. Tiger is coming back as something else we will have to wait and see about what they come to. The original computer consisted of an MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboard with an I-5 3570K Processor/ Being Coole by a Cooler Master V6 CPU Cooler/ 32 Gigs of Patriot Viper Extreme memory/ A pair of Sapphire 7770 GHZ Edition Video Cards set up in Crossfire Mode/ The Ultra 850 Watt Modular Power Supply/ A Pioneer Blu-Ray Burner and Player and all of this housed in a Cooler Master Haf - 932 Case. When the Cats did this it caused my mother board to short out the Video Card to go out as well as the Processor So these are the things i am going to have to replace as well as the V6 to which i dropped and broke the heat pipes on one side so this is what I need to replace . So this is why I am asking all these questions I am getting together the parts to replace what was messed up by these creatures. I did get a reprieve to the point of one of my friends is giving me a V8 GTS as an early Birthday gift to help put this together. one less thing tp Putchase. The input from all you guys is very important to me as it helps me get my new system up and runniung. one step at a time.
  2. as to the contact of G-skill and Cooler master I will do this today just to see what they say Again thank you for all your Comment
  3. I agree fellows this was only a thought I am still new to all of this originally here was my thoughts on this when i came across it . first thought this looks neat. 2nd this is a good idea and 3rd do i need it so I was not sure if these two items would work together which is why i asked in the first place. I was not sure if i needed this thing and the answer to that question is probably no. in answer to above no i plan to do no overclocking of anything on my system i prefer to keep everything stock.. The noise end of this does not bother me as i am hard of hearing so i don't hear it. This computer will be pretty much my last build so i plan on doing it right so if i wind up with overkill so be it here is the specs for the planned build 1. AS Rock Fatality 990FX Motherboard 2. AMD FX-8350 4GHZ Processor 3. Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU Cooler for these reasons: 1 The Looks/ 2. I have had too many Stock Coolers crash and cause me issues/ 3. The Theme of the Cooler master HAF 932 Case. and lastly Performance I replaced a stock cooler with the V6 and it worked till the system was comprimised by two male cats 4, Memory modules at this point is up in the air I am waiting for Patriot to let me know or replace the sticks however it will be 4 8Gig Sticks for a Grand total of 32 Gigs of memory at the 1600 MHZ Speed. 6. Sapphire R9-390 Graphics Card 8 Gigs of Memory and a possibility of Crossfiring a pair of them at a later date 7. An Ultra X-4 950 Watt Totally Modular Power Supply which will be replaced with a Cooler Master V1200 When I can 8 All of this is housed in a Cooler Master HAF-932 Advanced Case with Stock 230mm Fans and the Addition of 3 120 MM Fans the first additional fan goes to the bottom of the case in front of the Power Supply pushing up / The Second One goes into the Bracket that goes over the Video Card and Thirdly the last one is placed on the upper 5.25 Drive bays to help with the Airflow So Guys this is my Build with all of this i did not know if i would need a memory Cooler or not and if i did Would it fit here is why is asked. I want to thank each and every one who responded
  4. Guys here is the information from the G-Skills website the 3 can change air flow angle based on the information on the site. is the reason I am asking Quote from Web site Large CPU heatsink in the way? Just change the airflow angle! Sometimes perpendicular 90° airflow just isn’t ideal. What if a large CPU heatsink is in the way? What if the wires in my case are blocking the airflow? What if…? There are too many possibilities in life. Turbulence III is designed to be flexible for your memory cooling needs and capable of adapting to each situation.
  5. I am lookijg at the G-Skills Turbulence III due to the fact that it is positionable and it has the aqbility to get down close to the memory sticks.
  6. guys i am looking for an answer to a Question. And that simply is will the V8 GTS mounted on an AMD Chip Can i place a Memory Cooler on my memory beside the V8
  7. okay but given size The Master Air Maker 8 would only have approx .1 mm clearance to the outer shell of the Case would this be enough with the 140 MM Fans as I am not totally sure if changing the fans out would make a diffrence in Height and as i posted above i am trying to make sure that i am able to use this cooler before I purchase based on size and the ability to Clear Memory Sticks and fit into the Case. On my last Motherboard I had a V-6 and it worked perfectly so I figured that I was upgrading i would need to upgrade the cooler as well Another point in this is that based on the information that I have been able to gather about this Video Card is that it can be overclocked and it is possible that I might overclock the CPU a small bit so I am making sure that I have something that will take care of the processor and keep me gaming for a long time
  8. Thank You for your Quick Response based on your Opinion only out of the Three which would you choose for the Rig that I am building I am leaning more towards the V-8 GTS Due to Size and Looks
  9. looking to find out if the combination of parts i have selected will fit inside a HAF 932 Advanced case AS Rock Fatality 990FX Mother Board With an AMD 8350 Processor Sapphire R9-390 Nitro Video Card 32 Megabytes of Viper Extreme Memory Now I am looking to figure out two things first I am considering one of Three CPU Coolers The V8 Gts/ The V-10 or the newest Cooler the master Air Maker 8 Any Suggestions please Number 2 simply put will it fit inside the case
  10. I am located in the United states in West Virginia according to your store the parts that I need are unavailable both the accessory kit with all the screws and top rubber piece that goes over the liquid cooling ports in the I/O Panel and the USB bracket both of these parts are stating that they are out of stock. I had to store my computer at a friends house. While it was there their pair of male kitty Cats decided to make it their own. and apparemtly They were using the computer at the time when the cats decided to spray down the top of the case and then they played with the usb keyboard and mouse connnections which were mounted on the front so they got pulled and busted as well I want to say that I have built many computers for me friends and Family and in all of them I have used Coolermaster Parts and they have always performed above expectations on anything I have done. Again I want to thank you in advance for responding and for helping me get this case back up and running
  11. any help would be appreciated i am in need of an accessory kit and a USB 3.0 bracket assembly to repair my Haf 932 cooler master case. Thanks in advance for any help