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  1. Tarant Ella

    Very Dissatisfied with purchase.

    I will play devils advocate here and say that the 5 cases mentioned in the overview and product sheet are all tower cases and that it also specifically says it "Adds extra cooling for graphics cards when installed on side panels." No mention there of the lan cases or top mounting. However as it's the only suitable size fan in the company product listing asking for a refund might be an option here. Technically it would be nice to know the power output of the system you have there and also if the heat flow goes mainly out the top of the case.Possibly the 15 minute delay indicates bearings temporarily drying out. How about increasing fan speed?
  2. Tarant Ella

    Very Dissatisfied with purchase.

    The case looks very good but can you link to the fan you are referring too?
  3. Tarant Ella

    Elite 130 PSU Flat Backplate Modification

    This back plate is a good idea that could be extended to include most Cooler Master cases but especially the 110,120,130 series. The reason being that there are a lot of people now using mini itx boards many without the need for a standard atx psu looking for a well designed and reasonably priced case. My recent purchase was an Asrock AM1H board with integral DC socket (looking a bit lost in it's current 334U case) but most other itx boards require a small hole in the case somewhere for a dc socket. Perhaps this could be designed in to the case manufacture and fitted with a small plastic removable plug. But you don't have to stop there! Using a itx board with integral GPU and no atx psu means there's a large space in the case. A back plate the size of a psu could perhaps be fitted with twin 80mm exhaust fans or something to hold more drives or even more imaginative stuff.