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  1. Thank you for checking the water dispenser build. Just a quick update for you guys today. Bought some aluminum angle bars for the frame: The thickness is less than 1 mm. It is a bit sturdy but if you plan on using aluminum angle bars as frame, I suggest that you get thicker angle bars. Measurements and markings: Cutting of angle bars: Done cutting: Filing to get the right length: Test fitting: That is it for now guys, until next update. I will you updated as long as I can. At the moment I am selling some stuffs to fund this project.
  2. Good day everyone, As a first step I will share to you the draft sketch of "Water Dispenser". There may still be some refinements to this since the materials that will be used in the build still needs to be considered. If you guys can suggest what materials are great, please let me know. Your inputs are valuable. As of now, here are the materials that I have in mind: 1. Aluminum angle bars for the frame 2. Either acrylic, hairline stainless steel plate or aluminum plate in the side and front panels. (depending on price and availability) Anyway, here's the draft sketch:
  3. Hello all, You will be seeing updates in this post from time to time. This is the work log for the "Water Dispenser" scratch build. You know what water dispensers are... this time, you will see a water dispenser computer. The goal is build a great case with the following features: 1. Fit 360 radiator 2. Custom water cooling 3. Simple and elegant 4. Looks like a water dispenser (of course)