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  1. Need help with my 1st build...CPU Cooling's what one guy says on Newegg: Cons: Huge. Kinda difficult to fit on a mATX board Fan and heatsink don't come pre-assembled. Comes in direct contact with memory heatsink AND rear exaust fan but that's probably because I have a tight system. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A MICRO-ATX BOARD, especially if you have memory modules with big heatsink
  2. Need help with my 1st build...CPU Cooling

    I read about this fan. Think it will work? Raijintek Pallas
  3. Need help with my 1st build...CPU Cooling

    This is my 1st attempt and I'm stumbling to find a CPU fan that will "bolt" up nicely to a GiGabyte G1 Z170MX Gaming 5 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard. Also have Intel i5-6600K Processor. I read of some folks having to buy additional hardware to make their fan fit? :) fun being a newbie!
  4. First New Build

    I did a on my components and came up with 317W Load Wattage and recommended 367W usage. Here are my components. It's easier to cut and paste from dist. : MOBO Memory CPU GPU HD
  5. First New Build

    To what pray tell......$$$$$?????
  6. First New Build

    Sorry, wasn't thinking. This is a rebuild. I'd like to use the PSU I have. This is off a part sheet the builder gave me in '06. ENERMAX Liberty ELT5OOAWT ATX12V 500W io*", Supply 90V-265V (Auto Adjusted) UL, cUL, TUV, CB Thoughts?
  7. Need ideas for a build to start

    I agree 100% but it's twice the cost. I'm a low end single shooter gamer and I've read that the 850 is fast enough. Right now I'm biting my nails with cost as it is. Maybe in the future I can upgrade. Thanks for your support.
  8. First New Build
  9. Need ideas for a build to start

    Please tell me why....I'm still learning
  10. First New Build

    Very happy to hear. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. What do you think of my components?
  11. Need ideas for a build to start

    I'm planning my 1st build for gaming and have researched some components. Here is a list for you and the forum to look over and give opinions to if you would like. Motherboard CPU Graphics Card 4GB FTW GAMING SSD
  12. First New Build

    Hi all. Because my 10 yr old PC won't support my games anymore I'm forced to buy or build. I have limited tech experience but have replaced some components and am not afraid to tackle the build. Actually excited about it. Question... I'd like to reuse my case. I like it. Cool Master RC-330-KKN1-GP Black SECC ATX Mid-Tower (wow lotta info). Will this MOBO fit, and is it compatable to other components I've chosen? It is 9.6" x 9.6" Present one is 12" x 9.6" I'd also like to add: CPU Graphics Card SSD Replys appreciated. Giggles at my inexperience choice of new components accepted with understanding. I plan on keeping the Sound card I have. Case has 4 fans....well ventilated Stephen