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  1. Just a update. Received a shipment notification today and the case was closed today. I hate coming off as a :) but I was getting a little worried. Thanks Bram
  2. Same boat as you man. My RMA status has been sitting at "Goods in" for almost 5 weeks now. Nothing I can do about it, even sent Bram my RMA info as he requested 2 weeks ago and he said someone would get in touch with me... still nothing.
  3. This is ridiculous, my rapid-i keyboard has been sitting at "Goods In" for almost 4 weeks. These posts don't give me any hope.
  4. Good to hear. Still waiting on some type of response. My RMA has been at the "Goods in" state for a couple weeks now.
  5. This is so bad. I've have my Rapid-i for just under a year, within the first 2 months there were ~10 LEDs dead. Decided to leave the back lighting off and was okay with it for a loooong time until the toggle key LEDs like Caps and Scroll lock died. Sent it out for RMA and they received it on Feb. 5th, still haven't heard anything back about it. I even asked in the comments if I can pay the difference or switch to a different model, preferably that new Si.