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  1. I've tried searching for these values but i cant find to see them anywhere at all, im not even sure they exist on my motherboard, do they have any other names?
  2. Yeah if i use a totally different keyboard this behavior does not happen. Bios version/date: American Megatrends Inc. 0801, 02/09/013 SMBIOS version: 2.7 its really quite annoying lol
  3. 1. it does not happen when idle (playing no games) 2. Yes the same happens. 3. I've tried the keyboard in every port, back and front. 4. No Thank you in advance
  4. I have verified that its the keyboard causing my computer to crash as it doesn't happen with this other one i have plugged in. This seems like a rather weird glitch, and it is quite annoying.. After about 10 to 20 minutes of playing a game whether it be H1Z1 or CSGO, the sound will loop and my computer fans will turn on full blast and the screen will go black, the only way to restart is to hold the power button. My specs are as follows: asus z-87k 8gb corsair vengence i5 4670k @4.2ghz GTX 770 ACX SC Corsair 550vs Windows 10