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  1. I have a few additional requests for a future revision of the Elite 130 as well: A significant reduction in the length of the case from 15.69" to approximately 11.25", similar to the Silverstone SG13B, where long graphics cards can fit up to the backside of the plastic front panel because of a cutout on the front part of the steel case. This would make the case much more space efficient without significantly impacting compatibility. A single front panel headset jack to replace separate front panel headphone and microphone jacks. Many new prebuilt computers come with this feature and I would like to use my new TRRS headphones (which include a microphone) without an adapter cable (TRRS to 2x TRS). Add thin magnetic dust filters to protect all of the air vents in the case. Add a side panel window to the left side of the case (ventilation holes or slots optional) large enough to show off the graphics card inside without showing all of the cable routing around the graphics card. To reiterate Satish's request regarding the USB 3.0 front panel header cables, I would like to see a new USB 3.0 header plug connector developed which could be rotated up to 90 degrees so as to not put any strain on the USB 3.0 header cable when routing the USB 3.0 header cable through the tight area underneath the PSU.
  2. I have noticed that a single front panel headset jack has replaced separate front panel headphone and front panel microphone jacks on many new pre-built desktop and laptop computers. Does Cooler Master currently manufacture any cases with a single front panel headset jack or have any plans to release such a case in the future? I am interested in purchasing a Mini-ITX case with this feature. As a side note, I have read information that seems to indicate analog 3.5mm audio jacks will be replaced by USB-C connectors on mobile devices in the near future. However, I'm guessing it will take a few years at least before front panel audio jacks on computer cases are replaced by USB-C connectors.
  3. I recently built a Skylake Mini-ITX system using the Cooler Master Elite 130 case and was wondering if anyone has created a flat PSU backplate to replace the included backplate. I have a short length PSU and would like the back of the PSU to be flush with the backside of the Elite 130 case.