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  1. What's that little SSD-type mount for the HDD down in the bottom...? Possible new accessory?
  2. When can we expect to see that bracket, Patrick?
  3. Well for starters, there's a whole new front-IO, with USB-C and a fan controller. There's also a tempered glass window. On top of that, that side panel and new top panel (and possibly other panels) have sound-dampening foam. There's also a little piece that helps prevent GPU sag, and many other things. There's a reason they're coming out with a new case, mainly for more modularity.
  4. So, I tweeted to @CoolerMaster recently to see exactly when in May the MasterCase Maker 5 was coming out. They told me it is coming out May 10th, and specifically 10:10 "give or take a few seconds." Not sure what the time zone is, and I think it is 10:10AM, but not sure yet. (Twitter posts: & I'm pretty sure this is just the release for the Maker 5, but maybe we'll see something else...
  5. How does that work? Like if I buy a Pro now, I can get all of the same features of the Maker with additional parts later, or what?
  6. So when are we gonna see the MasterCase Maker 5? I like the new front panel attachment, the new front I/O, sound dampening panel, glass window, different top radiator cover, etc. I heard that it's coming in March, but I'm not sure... When?? Thanks, Colton