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  1. Daniel

    CM Thermal compound vs NOX TG1

    Hi guys, which is better CM thermal compound KIT or NOX TG1??? Thks
  2. Daniel

    Hyper 212X not expected

    No is inside the box. but its obvious the cooler fan have low performance than the 212X model.. I send a email to my dealer. i'm not glad with this. Is the frist time I buy Cooler Master products... this really Bad.. I will send a Email to Cooler Master claim this situation.
  3. Daniel

    Hyper 212X not expected

    Hi there, yes I have that
  4. Daniel

    Hyper 212X not expected

    Hello, I from Europe I bought the Hyper 212X RR-212X-17PK-R1 but It's no I expected. It has a different Fan without the improvements announced on the coolermaster web site. It has only 40.000 hours expectancy life and It hasn't self-lubricating bearing, etc!! The real Hyper 212X announced on the web site has this Sku RR-212X-20PM-R1 why the cooler master seeling this two different fan on the same cooler model.?.. the costumer dont have the real info on the web site... this is sad best regards