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  1. Hey guys, some more photos for you! Dragon balls test
  2. First, i begin with little tests.. like the turtle kanji (master Kame's symbol) For now, is all! flws!
  3. Hello everyone, my name's Allyson, i'm from Brazil, and i'm a member of brazilian Cooler Master Casemod Team. I'm here to show you my new project - "Dragon Ball Project - Goku" I'd like to thank to CoolerMaster Brasil and Gigabyte Brasi! I'm using the new Master Case 3 Pro MasterAir Maker 8 G750M And Gigabyte Z170M-D3H
  4. Hey guys, i almost forget the Pegasus!! Here some photos... I hope you have enjoyed the worklog =)
  5. At Campus Party Brasil 2016 It's all!
  6. Hey guys, here is one more photos...
  7. Hey guys, how are you? I hope fine, So, lets get back the work. I got some greek pillars (in 3d printer). I put in bottom (in side of fan) The top of case Some details in aluminum It's really hard to cut these details Now it's time to change the front panel The power button got some style The PSU cover, and a little bit of greek pillars So, i started the paint job. Screws.. Testing the aluminum top For now, it's all. Se ya!
  8. Hey guys, here i am! Let's continue the job.. Reusing some acrylic The front panel... Side panel I decided to put the ssd's in a acrylic panel. Using the MasterCase piece. I decided to change the first design, so, i removed the pillar and i put an stair. My idea to the front,, For now, it's all! o/
  9. Thanks man!!
  10. So i decided to make the frame in aluminum (reusing aluminum from others projects). Another detaisl from box. And in the middle of the cuts, the MasterCase5 arrived to me Some tests... Making a new top "window" to MasterCase. For now, is all! flws
  11. Hey guys, here i am to bring another pics.. First, i decided to make in aluminum some details from the pandora box After, i decided to make the project's name in acrylic, (If you can note, i design the lines using Corel Draw, then print, and finally, i cut the pieces.) After paint job
  12. Hey guys, my name's Allyson, i'm from Brazil, and i'm a member of brazilian Cooler Master Casemod Team. I'm here to show you my project - "Pandora Box Pegasus". The project was inspired in the anime "Saint Seiya" (Knights of Zodiac). Here is some pictures of my ideas. Using the Sketchup.. The MasterCase 5 that i received from Cooler Master Brazil