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  1. So yesterday, while I watching a youtube video when the fans on the radiator suddenly startet spinning at full speed and my system, quickly there after startet lagging and eventually crashed. After a few min. I startet up my pc again and the fans almost immediately went on to go at full speed again. I loaded up MSI control panel to see my temps and could see my cpu temp go up from mid 70s till 100(useually my idle temp is around 30 with a mild OC to 4.2Ghz) where my system chrashed again. I got a bit bumbed and went to bed. Today when I turned on my PC everything seemed normal for about a hour or so, then the whole thing started to repeated it self. fans spinning CPU temp ramping up. The pump seems to be working it's rpm is showen close to 1600rpm both yesterday and today. though I don't hear the bubbly sound I usually hear when i turn on my pc every day. for now I am stuck with an Intel stock cooler, man it's loud! Could it be the pump even though rpms seems normal? Is there any other way to check the pump than by looking at the rpm? I do not feel the pump running, when I hold it in my hands now and plug it to the power supply. My system Core i7 3770k 16gb Corsair dominater MSI z77A-GD65 Motherboard and 2 EVO 850 SSD /Jakob