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  1. RGB Section What color do you like? Thanks.. and see you at the next Mod
  2. Watercooling Bitspower fitting used in this mod, and for Stainless steel tube I mod it from stainless steel pipe. Installation
  3. GPU Mod Repaint the GPU cover, plastidip for primer. black glossy for second primer then silver chrome polyurethane at the top Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit by Cooler Master
  4. Mod Progress Starting with cut some Acrylics and aluminiums I use Stainless Steels, aluminums & Acrylics for this project.
  5. Hello Everyone I would like to share my latest mod. Singularity Mod is based on CoolerMaster MASTERCASE H500P. Project is Sponsored by Cooler Master, MSI, AMD And Kingston HyperX The Hardware’s COOLER MASTER Cooler Master is the main sponsor for this build, the products that I use: - Cooler Master MasterCase H500P - PSU Cooler Master V850 80 + Gold - Masterliquid Maker 240 (moded to hard tube) - Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit - Masterfan pro 120 - Masterfan pro 140 AMD Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600X MSI - Motherboard MSI AMD X370 Gaming Pro - Carbon - VGA MSI Radeon RX 570 Gaming X 4G KINGSTON HYPERX - RAM HyperX Predator DDR4 3000MHz 4X4GB - SSD HyperX Savage 240GB.
  6. WaroQ


    Final Mod Dragon is done..here is final mod. Thanks and good luck....
  7. WaroQ


    Cable Sleeve and Led Painting Detailing & Airbrushing
  8. WaroQ


    Cooler Master Nepton Mod mount 280 rad
  9. WaroQ


    Motherboard Tray Dragon fit with all platform of Motherboard. ATX MATX Mini ITX
  10. WaroQ


    Hi.. enviuos mods thanks for stopping by. I use metal saw blade to cut the aluminum, see the left one that looks 'goldie' then regular saw blade.. that for metal, plat & alu.
  11. WaroQ


    Wings Wings will be created in 3 layer. First layer as a center from 8mm acrylic Second layer I use 2mm Aluminum Third layer is 3mm Acrylic 1st layer 8mm acrylic 2nd Layer Aluminum 2mm 3rd outer side of the wings, I use 4mm acrylic Joint it together Then Bend it Leather Dragon still looks flat so I put leather skin on it. Use some leather at the tail too
  12. WaroQ


    Hi Everyone Here is my entry for CM Case Mod 2016, I called this build : DRAGON PC. Specification: Motherboard MSI Z97 Gaming 5 CPU Intel Core I5 4670K Cooler Master Nepton 280L GPU MSI GTX 960 Gaming RAM Avexir Blitz 1.1 8Gb HDD Western Digital 320Gb PSU Bitfenix Fury 650w Gold Worklog Base Structure I use acrylics and aluminum's in this build 10 mm acrylics for based and from 3 mm to 6mm for detailing. Tools that I use : Jig Saw, Scrool Saw and other manual tools As for the base of motherboard and other parts, I use 1cm acrylic. First ..make mold and cutting pattern with 9 pieces A4 letter Cut 1cm acrylic with jigsaw to fit my scroll saw machine Continue with scroll saw. Breaking 4 pcs cutting saw when cut this head. PSU Tray All weight will be centered on this, so PSU will be at the bottom. Old school tool… Very use full for straight line. Pull and crack it.. Your line done in 10 second Detail cut with Scrool Saw Hole for based Tap for 5mm Fitting test base structure Continue with PSU Tray Claws 1cm Acrylic Thickness