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  1. Mad Goose is painted and collected! That's the final!
  2. Проект "Мастерская Паровая ракета" "безумный Гусь" Загруженные Изображения
  3. So the painting of the Mad Goose began. Color is called "Heavenly Blue" is very symbolic!
  4. So I started primed! And the stock paint in front of it!
  5. But a couple of photos of how I did small tailpieces and a power connector.
  6. Yesterday I cut out a viewing window that would admire the emblem of the Cooler Master. And also I made a mount for the fan who will stand behind. As if the beavers had gnawed ...))))
  7. Good evening! Work is in full swing! Thank stay tuned! Lately, much has been done: I put an aluminized grid on the ventilation openings of the compartments. Found a place for USB ports. Made decorative details. Added more fans. The point moves to the paint! Mesh to prevent fingers from poking: Something like a lighthouse, for space ships: Fastening of the top cover and other details:
  8. It is necessary to suggest to any director)))
  9. Hello!!! I made a foot for a goose and a hind paw. The foot is very heavy - will stand with confidence! Work continues! Customize and decorate all!
  10. I make fastening, from an aluminum corner, for Cooler Master Masterliquid 240.
  11. Yes! That came this wonderful Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 MAD project GOOSE! Excellent system! I am very happy! Rather set!
  12. Hello!!! Continued creation of the tail section. And the addition of ventilation supply compartments and video block: How do you like that already?
  13. A little bit about the tail!
  14. Hello everybody! I'm glad you follow! Have you been bored? And now it's time to put everything together! The first compartment to the main body will be the video card compartment. But nevertheless the pieces will be joined together by a support plate, on which the whole body will rest on the rest. It will be like a goose leg. Well finite but also cut the window for the wires. To be continued!
  15. Hello! Practically completed the compartments for your video card and power supply, they are also the engine MAD goose. Now they have even attached to the fuselage, but more on this later ... Thank you for reading! I am pleased that my work is appreciated!
  16. Interesting turns out!
  17. Спасибо! Скоро будет еще интереснее!
  18. Thank you! An alien is a cool project!
  19. Hello! here I began to finish the compartment for the power supply Corsair vs650. Soon I will be mounted to the main body. Thank you for reading! To be continued...
  20. Thank you! I think yes. But maybe I will not, I have not decided yet. I am happy that my project like! This gives an incentive to do even better!
  21. And again, hello everyone! Thank you for reading! Today I will show you how to install the panel for the motherboard from the company ASUS? But I'll show it a little later. You will have to install it vertically, because otherwise the riser will not reach the video card. But! In the beginning I wanted to put it horizontally, and I had to give it up. Here are a couple of photos of the process: to be continued!
  22. I will not waste time, but I will immediately show the further progress of the video card compartment so that I can move to the most interesting part of my modding as soon as possible! I'm all impatient!
  23. Hello! Thank you for stopping by! Today I'll show you how to make loops for the compartments of the Gigabyte geforce gtx 760 video card and the Corsair VS650 power supply. I just welded them with electric welding from different parts that were.
  24. Thank you!))) It is necessary to fill the "Claudius" and water)