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  1. this is the specification of my system: intel system: i5 4690k avexir 2x4gb core series asus sabertooth z97 mark 1 ssd 250gb samsung seasonic x850 wit fully custom sleeved AMD system: fx8350 990fx fatality asrock thermaltake dps G 1200w avexir core series 2x4gb blue led ssd 250gb samsung watercooling parts: radiator: RL series from thermaltake 480x2 240x2 waterblock: CPU:w2 pacific waterblock from thermaltake GPU:ekwb for 290 amd reservoir: 2x PT40 D5 FAN: COOLER MASTER SICKLE FLOW 4x blue led thermaltake ring rgb X8 FITTING : 16pcs comp 6 extender 45 degree x4 90 degree x10 TUBING: 16mm OD 12mm ID cable sleeve: all from revolozion technologia THIS IS MY FINISHED PRODUCT!
  2. done adding coolant pastel for both system. hope it will suit with my colour combination..
  3. hye uoll..this is my been so long to think about the material and idea.. in this progress i make body work,base for motherboard tray for 2 system and make it 45 degree.. doing loop for both system n leak test.. hope u guys enjoy my pic... sorry for late update and actually this is my first time joining competition.
  4. Hello guys, this is my first time join... as u can see my project name is: PROJECT FUSION-xBOT What is FUSION? -Fusion is the process that powers the sun and the stars. It is the reaction in which two atoms of hydrogen combine together, or fuse, to form an atom of helium. In the process some of the mass of the hydrogen is converted into energy.( Fusion between two different worlds. it brings out the best balance of POWER,RELIABILITY,AFFORDABILITY and also overclocking CAPABILITY. Based on the 'NOISY BOY' from REAL STEEL movie,We recreated the fallen hero to prove that both worlds can be at peace and harmony only at the right hands. whilst being very destructive if it fall on wrong ones,it represents the colours of harmony between all the giants in this particular industry. stability and performance under one roof becomes our motto in recreating this history,without undermining affordability in owning this 'Beast'. this is NOISY BOY my current rig... so this part will use for this project my planning some item is used and some new. enjoy my drawing and planning first i will update my worklog.. thanks!