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    Congratulations man! well done! Good luck!
  2. ÄŒestitam! OdliÄno napravljeno!
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    Ghost Rider.

    Congratulations man! well done!
  4. Hy again, after hard working I have a free time for a posting some pictures.
  5. Hy guys! Here u are some photos in better resolution. CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO I will post more photos in few days! Stay tuned!!
  6. Preparing wires for a led lighting. Testing components before installation on the wall Here is red button for turning on Pc a black on is for restaring. Right side of control board Finnaly on the wall
  7. Time is for paint a top of chamber, First is to pain all top with black color for base. Adding metallic look with three metallic colors litlle scretches just for weahtering effects on the acrylic glass. paint brush on the borders of top for old look And final look in my garage.
  8. Addin whit glue to fix on the wall just for testing
  9. Guys I will write description after sleeping, becaouse I'm wake 20 hours. Good night! My project is done! Geting a messures for a power supply case I use a plywood board 4mm Doing holls for components Here I'm adding a rust testure effect with polyester Drilling a hole for HDD PS Case after paint job. Base color and red is top color Chamber is ready for components Last details on power control board Pait to black colors for a base color Head of screws ready for a painting Testing a red color pipe for a overlook. Adding rust effect with orange, brown and black colors
  10. Sculpting more details on the wall After sculpting wall nex step is to "coat" styrofoam with tile adhesive. Now, time is for ading some paint on wall ^^ First is paint all deep hols with black color. Adding colors The colors what I'm using for paint, and for finish adding a green colors fore nice look I had a wisitor
  11. Now time is for wall decoration, sculpting foam and make stone textures. Working atmosphere at 1 AM
  12. PC components ^^ Mother Board : Gigabyte Z97X Gaming3 s1 CPU : Intel Core i5-4690K CPU Cooler : CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO RAM : 2 x Kingston ValueRAM 8GB 1600MhZ Graphic Card : Gigabyte GTX 960 GDDR5 4GB SSD : SanDisk X400 256GB HDD : 3 x 250 GB (FOR NOW) Power Suply : Seasonic SS-620GM2 EVO Fan coolers : 3 X CoolerMaster Sickle Flow 120 mm 2000 RPM (2 Red, 1 Blue) Fan Controler : Aerocool F4XT 4x 5,25Ë LED _____________________________________ Monitors : 1 x Dell Professionl P2314H 23Ë 2 x Samsung 2032 BW 20Ë Mouse : Speed Link GAMING Prime Keyboard : Speedlink Bedrock
  13. Next step was fine painting. The most improtant thing is to prepare perfectly surface for painting. First step is to fill surface with body fill and after that fine grind with sand paper and water. Repat with body fill and fainest sand paper. End phase is to paint surface with air brush gun. Results with led lighting effect
  14. Finished control board Next step: Make a door for "chamber" After that I have to make mold for screws. I don't have a rubber for a mold but I can do this with clay. Polyester resin. Cheking if everything is ok
  15. Cutting plexiglass for doors Tip: For a clean cut I use masking tape. Ready for paint First results After gray color I was paint with top layer of sky blue. Stay tuned ^^
  16. Old manometers for details.
  17. first base of top is done, after that I made flange for pvc pipes Cutting plywood for outsides of hexagon. Bottom view for fan panel. Drawing a blueprint for a wall control board. I will use this control panel for turning on PC, for fan speed controlling, and turning on lights in my room. Material: Plywood Next step: do the metal effect with polyester putty Stay tuned ^^
  18. Primarily base for top cover After that I'm made base sides Drawing angle of 30 degrees ... gluing Stay tuned ^^
  19. today I made a PC "chamber" After several hours of brainstorming about cooling solution, I decided for this solution. Fan slot conception And finally assembled "chamber"
  20. I need first to cut every element of styrofoam to set correctly on plywood before gluing. This is a left side of "chamber" Before and after tomorow goal is to make a wooden case. Stay tuned