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    CM 335U Blue&white

    Hello I made this PC of games for my oncle I is made to him a blue and white mod with on elite 335U the case does not cable management in origin, iwas obliged to changes cases to hide electricl cable them Almost everything compenents were peint, exept RAM and card mother Everything cables are shathed. Imade blackplate and the bottom of the case with the opaline compenants Case Cooler Master Elite 335U Intel core i7 860@2.8GHz P7P55D Deluxe 2x4Go DDR3 Kinston Predator Sapphire HD 7950 OC edition 900MHz 3Go SSD adata 120Go+HDD seagate 500Go Corsair TX650 Fans Crystal 120mm some photographs of job Many hours of employment !!!!