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  1. I finally managed to find out how to do that yesterday, their ticket system is quite hard to find, being part of the fanzone and all. But they have replied saying yes, in the event a leak occurred due to a manufacturing fault, they will investigate the cause of the leak and if necessary cover the cost of damage to other components.
  2. I have recently purchased the Seidon 120V liquid cooler for my new PC. However, recently I noticed a leak in one of the connecting tubes. Luckily none of the other components in the PC were damaged and I have not voided the warranty in any way. However I am quite alarmed at this fault, and am worried about future faults. Is any damage to other components not from cooler master as a result of a cooler master fault covered in the warranty. (I have read the warranty page, but it wasn't completely clear). If not, I don't really want to take the chance of installing another cooler master cooling unit.