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  1. After a lot of sanding i managed to smooth and prepare the surface for painting. Cheers Iraklis
  2. Today i painted the 1st layer of primer. Ill continue tomorrow, with one more layer and sanding Cheer Iraklis
  3. Hello everyone. Today i finished the LED controller, if everything goes by the plan tommorow ill fire it up for a test drive. I also started the painting of the case Cheers Iraklis
  4. After many tries i completed the most parts of the LED Controller. The only piece i miss is the top lid and it is ready. I also decided that ill have the controller outside of the case. Cheers iraklis
  5. Today i worked with the led controller cover. Unfortunately i wasnt able to fix the old controller and i bought a new one. Tommorow i hope that ill be able to complete the cover. Cheers Iraklis
  6. Today i finished sleeving the fan cables. I like the result of watering tubing a lot and i think ill adopt it in my future builds. Cheers Iraklis
  7. Since i wansnt able to sort the things out with the LED controller, i order a new one and the mean time i decided to work with something else. I decided to change the brown anti vibration pads with the white ones. Tomorrow ill sleeve the cables and work with some custom stickers. Cheers Iraklis
  8. Today i finished one of the led panel. Unfortunately i messed up something and the led controller doesnt work. Ill have to sort it out later, but you can get an idea how its going to look. Cheers Iraklis
  9. Hello everyone. I just came back from my vacations and found some time to work with the led plexi, its still incomplete but you now you can have an idea how its going to look. Cheers Iraklis
  10. Are we ready for some LED action ?? This is an old RGBW led tape i found, its super bright and it works like a charm with my RGB controller. Cheers Iraklis
  11. I worked with the mesh of the brackets. The result came out pretty good. Cheers Iraklis
  12. Today i found some time to work with the 2nd LED bracket. Now its time to start working with the actual leds and acrylic. Cheers Iraklis
  13. So... can anyone guess whats the part i am working on is going to be ?
  14. Thank you. I went for some shopping today. I bough some adhesive skid protector so i can move the base easily and avoid scratches. I also looking for these switches (the ones that disengage the batter from the laptop). If anyone knows how they called id like to share that information. Cheers Iraklis
  15. Hello everyone. Today i had some time to work with the power switch. As you can see below i have used a different kind of sleeve is this build. You can find it on gardening supplies stores. Its a gardening tube for watering the plants with drops. Its very cheap and durable and it also gives a very good result. Cheers Iraklis