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  1. Thank you guys to have voted and brought to the victory the 'Skull Rider' as the Mod of the Month here !! Thanks a lot!!
  2. Hello guys now you can vote !! http://woobox.com/8dhvpg/gallery/NDAz4cNrUz0 click here if you like this project and vote!! thank you so much!
  3. thank you man! voting starts on 17 June! stay tuned
  4. The Skull Rider is on the promotional video aboutAurora led ring
  5. Here we come to the last part of the pictures as already I announced I have taken some photos and turn them into black & white version .. of course according to my personal taste , on these photos ,the black and white sounds good! but as always I leave you the last word ; )
  6. thnak you! I think it too even the black & white that I'll post probably tomorrow (IMHO) will feat great !
  7. Final shots - part 2 -- The Skull rider is the first wordlwide private mod that uses Aurora led rings by #Alphacool! -- these photos were taken with the total dark in the room . 3,2,1 ... engine running ... let's go ^^ let's give a touch of badass to our riders .. even the bandana was handmade ; ) I do not know why but this pic makes me think too Grim Fandango ! Do you remember that masterpiece game ?? and obviously exhuasts can't miss! really incredible! great choice the aurora led ring! 'wallpaper' time what do you about about this shots by night? soon I will also post the remainder of the shots , I announce that I have just taken photos looking for a nice black&white because I find these kind of picture very rich of charm!
  8. thank you! in this morning I'll post the final pics part 2.. shots by night! stay tuned
  9. ..and here 's finally the big moment UP the final one , the one that sums up four months of work ... that ' the goes for broke ' .. I hope you enjoy it! For convenience I chose to split this post into three sections : day , night and artistic I'll post about 15/16 shots selected so that you are able to see various details of the project without adding too much of the page! Chopper datas : H (with skeleton) 1 m L 1,5 m Weight 35 Kg a pic from the other side THE RIDER ^^ vest with small real hard dedicating to Cooler Master , which organized the event the leather vest ( and the bandana ) were handmade .. in this project we did not miss even the skill ' tailoring ' : D rest in CM 'house', a details about the power of V8 O_O and here you are.. it again dominates rams from Hyperx Hyperx SDD as chopper pedals and to end this first part, a detail about radiator cooled by 4 jetflo soon the 'by night' part!!
  10. ahahah tnk you! no sorry.. it doesn't sound as a real motorcycle.. maybe if I put all to max speed it seems more a jet then a chopper
  11. guys what do you think about it...? yesterday I have installed the Aurora ring on water tank.. O_O amazing!!