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      AM4 Socket Support   04/24/2017

      Due to technical issues, the topic on "AM4 Socket Support" has disappeared. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we are trying our best to have this topic back up as soon as possible.   As we read in the topic, there is a lot of discussion going on when the new brackets will be arriving. We can tell you now that the brackets will be ready for pre-order on our CM Store EU tomorrow and will be ready for shipment around the 16th of May.   You can continue the discussion in this newly created topic:     


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  1. Heheh, here's another one project from SS PC modding workshop This time we are working on micro-ATX platform, starring the hardware: ASRock Z270m Extreme4 Intel i7 6700T Transcend 256GB SSD 370s Sapphire RX480 Nitro Cooler Master MasterBox 3 Lite Cooler Master V550 (full modular) Alphacool water cooling components On this occasion, I wish to thank the sponsors Cooler Master, ASRock and Alphacool Stay tuned, this will be very interesting!
  2. Alphacool Eisblock XPX cpu
  3. Alphacool Eisblock XPX cpu
  4. Phobya G-Silent 14
  5. CMWS 2017 Competition is ended, now all the power directed to the project Stripes:) Alphacool xt45 280 radiator:
  6. The results are published, our project were left unnoticed. Thanks to sponsors on their trust and all of you for the enormous support! http://community.coolermaster.com/topic/22290-case-mod-world-series-2017-winners-revealed/
  7. "Chrono Master" - project Hello friends! Chrono Master is a time machine meant to signify the current moment and as the time itself, meant to give us a picture of what the modding future can look like. Spec list: Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 Cooler Master V750 Intel i7 5820k ASRock X99 Taichi Avexir Core DDR4 16Gb Transcend 370s SSD Asus GTX970 Strix Alphacool watercooling BIG THANKS to sponsors: COOLER MASTER, AQUATUNING, ALPHACOOL, ASROCK, TRANSCEND, AVEXIR THE FINAL PHOTOS ARE ON PAGE 7 and 8 !!!
  8. I am very excited and waiting for tomorrow's results, once again thank you all for support!
  9. Hello friends, "Monarch" project is finished, this is scratch build! Thank you everyone who support my work, see you in next project FINAL photos on page 4, enjoy!!! Hardware: Intel I7 6700K Gigabyte AORUS Z270X - Gaiming 9 Kingston Predator DDR4 4x4Gb 2400Mhz CL12 Intel SSD Series5 240Gb RAID0 Sapphire Radeon RX480 CF CM V1200 Platinum EKWB watercooling components for all system Thank you sponsors and everyone who support my work!
  10. Alphacool Laing DDC pump
  11. woow, how meny parts have here, Alphacool
  12. Thank you guys, I appreciate your opinion! a portion of the interview on regional television, sry but no translation
  13. PCAXE interview with "SS PC modding" team
  14. Alphacool watercooling parts has arrived Unboxing video:
  15. Works are a bit slow, the reason that I waiting for certain parts. Do not waste my time so I'm drawing parts for case interior and exterior mask
  16. two more photos of PSU
  17. Unboxing video:
  18. This year's competition CM World Series 2017, my projects "Monarch" and "Chrono Master"!