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  1. Ready for powder coating
  2. Holder for 360 rad, perfectly fit
  3. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    Powder coating is finished, parts is assembled
  4. And ready for assembly
  5. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    Back side mask and grill
  6. Finally, work on metal parts is over!
  7. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    Finally, the second round of metal work is over! These are window masks
  8. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    I'm still waiting for the custom reservoir to be finished, In the meantime, I'm preparing to make more metal parts for this project
  9. Prepare new parts for case, totally different orientation of motherboard and GPU inside of the case :)
  10. AMD Threadripper is arrived, thank you! <3
  11. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    My precious EKWB TR block customized on AMD and ROG way <3
  12. Cooler Master H500M Phantom Gaming
  13. Video about project Silver P.G. is uploaded, sry for Serbian language but this is important for Balkan region, I will put translation
  14. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    To look at this beautiful hardware again
  15. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    I make new mask for GPU and radiator, also holder for GPU cables