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  1. Sry for the late reply. Right now, all LEDs are still working. I hope to be one of the lucky guys out there, but still am not that optimistic.
  2. Good idea, I will check that, but the red one is already registered. I might mail Cooler Master and ask them for the manufacturing date. Edit 1: I checked the brown one, it's from 2014 too. (30.10.2014) I now hope the red is a newer one, because of the listed differences. The brown definitively goes back. Edit 2: I got an answer from Cooler Master, my red ist from 24.12.2014. I updated to the newest firmware and will try how long it will last.
  3. Yeah but this normally isn't visible. The LEDs on my Storm Trigger Z don't look like that, and i haven't seen this on any other LED yet. So this is a thing that especially applies to the Rapid-i. Where did you buy yours? I've got my red one from "Jacob Elektronik" and the brown one from "Computeruniverse".
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to ask if this problem still exists. I'm from Germany by the way, if this makes any difference in terms of quality standards. I just bought a Quickfire Rapid-i with MX reds and one with MX browns to compare and noticed some differences (apart from the switches of course). So what i thought was that they were from different batches and maybe one of them has the problem already fixed. Until now, both work perfectly with all LEDs lighting up. The differences are the following: - the red has a more rubbery finish than the brown (you feel it, but can't see it) - the keycaps of the red are more even, the letters on the brown are a bit inset. - the keys with stabilizers, especially the space bar, on the red are a bit more noisy than on the brown. But this might be because of the stabilizers themselves, i will try to lube them. - the LEDs themselves look different, maybe they were swapped out. The other thing i noticed with both Rapid-Is directly after plugging in was, that if you move your eyes fast from one side to the other, the leds look kind of weird, like stuttering. I compared this to my CMStorm Trigger Z, where this wasn't the case. So what i did was filming this with my iPhone at 120fps and as i thought, on the Rapid-i you see them flushing very fast, on the Trigger Z they are constantly on. This might indicate that: 1. the LEDs are PWM-controlled (but i think this is also the case on the Trigger Z) 2. there might be forgotten a capacitor to keep the voltage constant and to compensate the flushing. The second point could be the reason for the leds dying so fast, because it would be as if you always turn them on and off very fast all the time. Is there some Cooler Master Insider here that might be able to check that? Or at least give some information if the problem is already solved and how to check if mine is affected? I own it for about 5h now and love it soo much compared to the Trigger Z, which just became too big for my current desk. The Trigger Z also is a very good keyboard that i can really recommend, that's the reason why i went with CM again. But if this problem occurs with my Rapid-i, i would have to go with a different company.