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  1. CK550 is nice but I would rather buy a TKL
  2. I could open it now. This error happens when I wake up the PC from standby and the keyboard does no longer get recognized. Crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\USBHUB3-20170508-0826.dmp Date/time: 8 May 2017 08:26:57 Uptime: 1 day, 16:59:24 Machine: CHRIS-PC Bug check name: BUGCODE_USB3_DRIVER Bug check code: 0x144 Bug check parm 1: 0x3003 Bug check parm 2: 0xFFFF8300E8814838 Bug check parm 3: 0x40010000 Bug check parm 4: 0x0 Probably caused by: usbhub3.sys Driver description: USB3 HUB Driver Driver product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Driver company: Microsoft Corporation OS build: Architecture: x64 (64 bit) CPU count: 4 Page size: 4096 Bug check description: This code is used for all USB3 bug checks. Parameter 1 specifies the type of the USB3 bug check, and the meanings of the other parameters are dependent on Parameter 1. Comments: The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module. Your system configuration may be incorrect. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time.
  3. It is still happening but I found something in the EventLog that might be related. A LiveKernelEvent that has a dump file attached that looks like this: \\?\C:\WINDOWS\LiveKernelReports\USBHUB3\USBHUB3-20170421-1809.dmp I just don't know how to open it. BlueScreenView and WhoCrashed don't show the dmp file for some reason and I don't know how to open them.
  4. I just removed what seemed like old unused input devices (and drivers). I'll see how it goes and will report back.
  5. There is nothing in the Event Viewer CM Software is not loaded by default. And as I said, it is the only Keyboard that is doing that. The Quick Fire XTi never had this problem.
  6. I recently switched from a CM XTi to a MasterKeys Pro S and since then 1 out of 20 or so times when I wake up Windows 10 from sleep, the Keyboard doesn't work and Windows displays "USB device not recognized. The LEDs are off but when I press a key they all light up in the color they would normally show. It looks like this: https://youtu.be/RXCC6uio3TE I then have to dis- and reconnect the keyboard from USB to make it work. I already tried different USB ports. It's the same. It is also the only device where this is happening.
  7. This is actually fixed with version 1.00 it seems. Thanks CM!
  8. It's not normal until someone from CM answers this question!
  9. I also have the high pitched noise, mostly with solid colors. Some do make more noise than others though. Try a solid color like 220/220/220. That makes the most noise on my keyboard. I can hear it from 2 feet away It seem like since they switched the forums here, support doesn't reply anymore.... It must be possible that some technician from CM can take the Masterkeys Pro Series keyboard, go into a quiet room, set the color to 220/220/220 and take is ear next to the F12 to see if there is a loud buzzing sound. If you set it to 220/220/220 you wouldn't even need to go that near since the buzzing is so loud that you hear it from a few feet away. You basically can not use any colors above 120 unless it is 255 since there will always be a buzzing sound. Only full colors like 0/255/255 are quiet. Please CM, we deserve and answer!
  10. I just bought the Masterkeys Pro S and the F7 and F9 keys swap colors when I open the software. Whenever I open the software to change colors, it swaps the colors of the F7 key to the F9 key and vice versa. Latest FW and Software. German version of the keyboard. This happens if I have F5-F8 one color and F9-F12 a different one. If I have only F7 a different one it changes it to the color the other F keys have without transferring the color to F9.
  11. I have the problem that when I load the MasterKeys software and it goes through all the profiles (probably loading it from the keyboard) the buttons F7 and F9 swap colors in all the profiles. I can edit the colors with the program for all profiles and save them and close the program. Everything is as it should be. But as soon as I load the program again, those keys swap their color. I tried resetting and all. I do believe it's a software error though since it just happens when the app loads the settings in. I also noticed that some LED colors make a slight buzzing sound coming from the area around F9 to F12. If I set the color to a dark white it is so loud that I can hear it from 5 feet away. I thought about using a different USB port and it worked. The noise was gone but when I turned the PC off and on again it was back. I can then make it go away again if I just unplug the USB cable and reconnect it. What could that be?
  12. At least for the XTi - http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/keyboards/quickfire-xti/ It is directing to this: http://www.coolermaster.com/xresserver01-DLFILE-P1507220001118f-F1602010013fb39.html
  13. The availability is kinda bad here in Germany, especially for the S! Amazon still doesn't have it. I'm glad I didn't wait for it and stayed with the XTi.
  14. Yeah it seems the L might be in stock first.
  15. The first thing I noticed: does it have issues with yellow? Because there almost none visible! At least not in the "waves".
  16. Probably around 120-130 would be my guess if the price for the L is correct.
  17. https://www.alternate.de/Cooler-Master/Masterkeys-Pro-L-RGB-Tastatur/html/product/1262080?campaign=Tastatur/Cooler+Master/1262080 Pro L is listed as 150 Euros. I hope that is the real price. It says ready to ship by Monday (in 2 days).
  18. Yes and yes. @Pim van der Linde How much backboard "ping" does the MasterKeys have? Especially when releasing buttons like E, F, C very quickly? I can no longer type on my XTI because it absolutely drives me nuts! There is just too much metallic backboard vibration going on.
  19. There are actually two types of "pings". The first comes from the stabilizers under those larger buttons (space, backspace, enter). It's normal because of the stabilizer being metal. The second "ping" is probably when you release buttons like E, R, F, K etc. then it is the ping coming from the metal backplate the switches are mounted on. If you tap on the frame of the keyboard or on the bottom you might hear it also. My new XTi does the same. Especially button E, R, F, I etc. Drives me nuts! So annoying. People say it is normal to but I don't think it is or should be. Edit: correction
  20. I hope the MasterKeys don't have that "issue"?! Right?
  21. http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php/topic/14843-cm-storm-quick-fire-xti-esc-button/
  22. Yeah, same here. I just hope it doesn't cost more than 150 Euro.