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  1. Mecannibal V

    Nepton 140xl Pump Voltage/RPM

    My understanding is they will whine out of the box always, if at the wrong RPM, and you should be only be concerned if they make an excessively loud whine or start grinding. Going to see if I have the molex adapter to run direct off the PSU tonight and see what happens.
  2. Mecannibal V

    Nepton 140xl Pump Voltage/RPM

    Whoa, back from the dead. Still dealing with the noise here. Every time I update the board (either firmware or the control center) it resets that header to default and I'm back at 4600 RPM or so. I've found that with some adjustment, usually putting RPM in the 5500-6000 RPM range according to the board, I can get it back to being quiet. Outside of that I do see a couple degrees difference at idle and anything on the lower side I see longer idle temp recoveries. Went Noctua's myself - F12 pulling, A14 pushing (only way I could fit everything in my old Antec case), those are whisper quiet. Little disappointed in the support I've got from CM on this though. Get the same response every time: "don't adjust" or "at 12V you should get X-rpm", neither of which have helped at all as they've never answered the question. At this point I'm just listening for any bad noises and keeping my eye on prices for a replacement.
  3. Mecannibal V

    Nepton 140xl Pump Voltage/RPM

    Does the Nepton pump need to be ran at 100% speed/voltage I know this has been asked many times, so you'll have to forgive the repeat, but I feel like the answers posted by staff/mods haven't necessarily been clear. Most modern mobo's have full speed/voltage control over all fans, not just the CPU fans (either via PWM or DCV), and as a result can offer independent speed control over all fans/pumps attached to the headers. My MSI Z170 Gaming mobo allows me to adjust the speed of the pump manual or via program. Should that be manually set to 100% for the pump header? The Nepton support thread says do not adjust the speed, so what do I do if my mobo is defaulted to 'smart' mode and it usually sits around 50% (which registers as ~4600 RPM). The slight whine of the pump (which is brand new) doesn't bother me too much. A failed pump, on the other hand, would.