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  1. Hi, I have been trying for over 2 weeks to get an answer about more HDD Cages they have a part number in the accessory for the case on the web site. The part number is MCA-C700R-KOCC00. But all they say if we have it, it will be in the CM store. The case is $300 bucks and I have no problem with the cost but to put just 2 HDD cage and a spot for 2 SDD and then not have the parts available is nuts. I have 5 hard drives sitting on my desk that I have to put into a caddy to get info off of them when I need it. Can someone at Cooler Master please give me an answer. This is the 3rd Cosmos case I have purchased and they all had more the 4 drives spaces in them. Thank You
  2. pbr252

    HDD Cages

    Hi, can anyone give me an ETA on drive HDD cages everything is moved into the case but I have 6 drive sitting on my desk waiting to be put in. And just 2 in this size case is crazy. Other than that it is a great case to build in.
  3. Any timeline on HDD Cages having just 2 for this size case doesn't work. Can someone give me a ETA on this.